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şcol. holidays
amer. vacation (time)
amer. vac
jur. recess
jur. vacation(s)
parl. recess
(timp de repaus) = holidays
(post vacant) = vacancya fi în vacanţă = to be on holidays / on one's holiday
a intra în vacanţă = to begin the holidays.
a intra în vacanţă = to break up for the holidays
a lua vacanţă = to take (one's) holidays
vacanţa mare = summer holidays
vacanţa mare fam. = the long

to break up for / to begin the holidays. to take (one's) holidays ● to go on holidays ● amer. to (go on) vacation. to go on holidays ● to go down (for a vacation) ● to go down from the university. fig. to put / to send / to turn out to grass.



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