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Banos in English
spa; bathing bathing, washing; bathtub, bath; swim; dip; washroom; coating; wash

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Banos in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Banos in German
Badeanstalt Bäder

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Banos in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Banos in English
(n.) = washroom ; restroom [rest room] ; bathtub ; bath ; bathing ; swim ; little boys room ; little girls room ; restroom facility.
Ex: The library office is in the basement, 'downstairs' as it is euphemistically referred to, along with a staff lounge, the washrooms, heating equipment, and electrical and janitor's closets.
Ex: Airport restrooms have become popular meeting places for men looking for sexual trysts with other men.
Ex: The article 'The beast in the bathtub, and other archival laments' stresses the importance for bibliographers and historians of printing of printed items in archives and manuscript collections.
Ex: The author explains how finding needed data on the Web can be like paddling round in a bath of milk.
Ex: Bathing & washing clothes in the river are perceived as pleasurable & traditional social activities.
Ex: The picture portrays a mother and daughter drying off after a swim.
Ex: When I went to the little boys/girls room to relieve myself I was suprised to see the amount of loo rolls stashed in the corner.
Ex: When I went to the little boys/girls room to relieve myself I was suprised to see the amount of loo rolls stashed in the corner.
Ex: Four out of 10 high school students avoid using school restroom facilities because of their lack of cleanliness.
* accesorios de baño = bathroom accessories ; bathroom fittings.
* armario de baño = bathroom cabinet.
* armario de cuarto de baño = bathroom cabinet.
* asiento de baño = toilet seat.
* baño de arena = sand bath.
* baño de azúcar glaseado = glacé icing.
* baño de barro = mud bath.
* baño de caballeros = men's room.
* baño de chocolate = chocolate icing.
* baño de fuego = baptism of fire.
* baño de lodo = mud bath.
* baño de pies = footbath.
* baño de sangre = bloodbath [blood bath].
* baño de señoras = women's room ; ladies' room.
* baño de vapor = steam bath.
* baño maría = bain marie.
* baño oftálmico = eyecup [eyebath, -UK] ; eyebath [eyecup, -UK].
* baño pequeño = half-bath.
* baño público = public restroom.
* baños de agua caliente = hot springs.
* báscula de baño = bathroom scales.
* bata de baño = bathrobe.
* bolsa de baño = toiletry bag ; sponge bag.
* cocer al baño María = steam.
* cocinar al baño María = steam.
* con baño = en suite ; en-suite bathroom ; en-suite bath ; en-suite facilities.
* cortina de baño = shower curtain.
* cuarto de baño = bathroom.
* darse un baño de sol = sunbathe.
* descanso para ir al baño = bathroom break.
* enseñado a pedir el baño = toilet-trained.
* enseñado a usar el baño = potty-trained.
* enseñar a usar el baño = potty training.
* mampara de baño = shower screen.
* peso de baño = bathroom scales.
* ropa de baño = swimwear ; togs.
* sales de baño = bath salts.
* tapón del baño = bathroom plug.
* traje de baño = bathing suit ; swimming costume ; swimsuit ; swimming suit ; bathing dress ; bathing costume.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Banos in Polish
toaleta; ubikacja; łazienka

Dictionary source: Spanish Polish Dictionary
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