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Calado in English
important, significant; consequential fretwork, decorative work composed mainly of interwoven lines (often carved or cut out); draught; depth soak through, drench; penetrate; permeate; see through; rumble; fix; lower; crush, smash; stop, halt get soaked; squeeze in; work in; swoop; pounce; stop, halt

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Calado in Spanish

Dictionary source: Diccionario de Lunfardo
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s. m. e a. calado, furado, perforado

Dictionary source: LeXiCoN castelán-galego
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(pop.) Conocido (LCV), aplicable en los casos que se quiere manifestar que se conoce a la persona o se la ha visto en alguna parte (LCV.); advertido, descubierto, observado, localizado, señalado, vigilado
Golpe de vista certero (JAS.), mirar bien (ANON.1.).

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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Medida desde la flotación a la parte baja de la quilla.
Amplitud vertical de la parte sumergida.

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: Conocido.

Dictionary source: Lunfardo
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Calado in Bulgarian
 a 1. adj мор. дълбоко под водата (за кораб); 2. m 1) ажурна бродерия; 2) резба (върху дърво, метал); 3) дълбочина на вода; 4) дълбочина, която достига един кораб.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Calado in German

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Calado in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(adj.) = drenched.
Ex: To allow a 12 year old boy to wet himself every night and end up with a drenched bed is not good parenting -- it's cruel.
* calado hasta los huesos = soaked to the skin ; wringing wet ; soaking wet ; wet through to the skin ; dripping wet ; sopping wet.
* estar calado hasta los huesos = be wet through (and through).
(v.) = drench ; soak.
Ex: This article outlines the preparatory stages and describes some of the problems presented by the physical conditions in a city of tents either drenched by rain or smothered by dust = Este artículo esboza las etapas preparatorias y describe algunos de los problemas que presentan las condiciones físicas de una gran cantidad de tiendas de campaña empapadas por la lluvia o cubiertas por el polvo.
Ex: In the vacuum soaking process paper is soaked in a watery neutralising liquid in a vacuum chamber.
* calado hasta los huesos = drenched to the skin.
(v.) = take + hold ; permeate ; hit + home.
Ex: New computer-supported systems such as PRECIS will probably take hold only in languages and countries where a subject analysis system does not already exist.
Ex: This concept permeates all bibliothecal activities from start to finish, especially indexing and abstracting.
Ex: With our students, with our employees, the stress of the pulp and paper mill's shutdown is starting to hit home.
* calar a Alguien = suss (out).
* calar en = grow on/upon + Pronombre.
* calar hondo = hit + home.
* empezar a calar en = grow on/upon + Pronombre.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Calado in Finnish
läpimärkä, likomärkä, kiinnileikannut (moottori), sammunut (moottori) syväys

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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