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Chiflada in English
nut, crackpot; insane woman, weirdo (Slang) cracked, crazy, mad (Computers, Internet) geek, Internet "freak"; nut, crackpot, insane person (Slang)

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Chiflada in Spanish
(pop.) Maniático (TG.), extravagante sin ser loco (TG), loco (JAS), seso sorbido (JAS.)
Entusiasmado por algo
Individuo apasionado por una mujer (TG.), enamorado.

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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Chiflada in Catalan
grillada, guillada, sonada

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Chiflada in English
(adj.) = crazy ; crank ; loony ; nuts ; zany ; bonkers ; wacko ; screwy ; wacky ; stark raving mad ; raving mad ; raving lunatic ; lunatic ; nutter ; cuckoo ; off + Posesivo + nut ; potty ; kook ; nutty ; mad ; daffy ; space cadet ; off + Posesivo + knocker ; off + Posesivo + rocker ; moonstruck ; barmy ; gormless ; dotty ; batty ; barking mad.
Ex: Lest it appear that Ms Marshall's committee and a few others of us, notoriously associated with that kind of work, are little more than crazy, fire-breathing radicals, let me add this gloss immediately.
Ex: The British Museum Reading Room is filled with cranks, hacks, poverty-stricken scholars who cherish their hobby.
Ex: Some loud loonies are not dangerous to the library while others may be; the librarian needs to be able to guess which is which.
Ex: I think some people would think my approach is nuts.
Ex: His zany humor, gawky production, and sexual exhibitionism have grown in this new film into a confident, ironic account of a world in which it pays to be rich and beautiful.
Ex: This client was bonkers, but believable.
Ex: Varieties of bad bosses include disagreeable taskmasters, overly ambitious artists, and outright 'wackos'.
Ex: This is the newspaper that ran a lengthy article about LaRouche's screwy assertion that the greenhouse effect doesn't exist and that the ozone layer is not disappearing.
Ex: 'Open Season' is a wild and wacky animated comedy set in the town of Timberline = "Temporada abierta" es una comedia excéntrica y salvaje ubicada en la ciudad de Timberline.
Ex: Since he wasn't stark raving mad as a result, but simply very relaxed, I decided I would try it when the opportunity arose.
Ex: It is said that if anybody remained there for a night, he would be found in the morning either dead, raving mad, or endowed with remarkable genius.
Ex: Since January of 2006 we have had to deal with the raving lunatics and suicidal madmen of the ruling party of Hamas.
Ex: This put the matter down to the work of a marginal fringe of hotheads & lunatics.
Ex: Even if we do come up with an alternative to nuclear power, in the future, there will be nutters protesting that as well.
Ex: Meanwhile, further proof that the entire party is cuckoo comes to us with the passage of another big tax cut for the rich.
Ex: A few years later Stewart went completely off his nut, staged a series of bombings, and wound up in prison after a bizarre kidnapping stunt.
Ex: The press may be free, but the system is potty.
Ex: He then ended his affair with Mia, Bram's housekeeper cum lottery winner and daughter of the kook who swears he was abuducted by aliens.
Ex: When squirrels are acting 'nutty,' it is often caused by a warble or botfly larva living beneath the animal's skin.
Ex: When J D Brown allowed the public of Islington to have open access to the books in the 1890s he was regarded by many of his colleagues as mad!.
Ex: This isn't as daffy as it seems to us as we hustle about on the verge of the third millennium.
Ex: There were space cadets, aimless women -- the melange was incredible.
Ex: Every firearm hast its pros and cons and anyone who tells you otherwise is off their knocker.
Ex: I find it fascinating how Bradley can be perfectly reasonable one moment, and off his rocker the next.
Ex: 'Moonstruck' has all the fun of movies about weddings: a reluctant groom, an overeager bride, and an emotionally distraught family = "Pirados" tiene toda la diversión de las películas sobre bodas: un novio reticente, una novia demasiado entusiasmada y una familia perturbada emocionalmente .
Ex: He gets more and more hysterical every week and frankly gives the impression of being a bit barmy by grinning like a maniac and shouting his head off.
Ex: I have now resorted at pipping at people walking down the pavement and waving out the window, most wave back but they look very gormless, but normally with a smile.
Ex: Everyone thinks she's just a dotty old woman, but Joe knows the truth.
Ex: My very intelligent, yet slightly batty girlfriend has an interesting theory.
Ex: Well right now I am on the horns of a dilemma as the weather outside is so cold it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey but I would be barking mad not to go home and get a good heavy coat for later this evening.
* chiflado de la informática = computer geek.
* chiflado perdido = as daft as a brush ; as thick as two (short) planks ; stir-crazy ; knucklehead.
* estar chiflado = be off + Posesivo + rocker ; be mental ; be nuts ; be crackers ; have + bats in the belfry.
* estar chiflado por = have + a crush on ; be hung up on ; be crazy about ; be nuts about ; be crackers about ; be bonkers about ; be dotty about.
* volverse chiflado = go + potty ; go off + Posesivo + rocker ; go + batty ; go + mental.
* volverse chiflado perdido = go + stir-crazy.
(v.) = whistle ; hiss.
Ex: The author of 'A tune they can whistle' stresses the importance of a user-oriented approach to outreach activities.
Ex: In all truth, it must be said that this howling, hissing, foot-scraping body of young rapscallions found some cause for complaint.
* chiflar en señal de admiración = wolf-whistle.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Chiflada in Italian

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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