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Create in English
create, make; invent, originate; develop; launch; found, establish believe, have faith in, think to be true; suppose, presume to be true

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Create in English
(v.) = design (for/to) ; construct ; create ; engender ; establish ; fashion ; forge ; form ; invent ; set up ; compose ; originate ; bring into + being ; mint ; found ; institute ; come into + existence ; mother ; come up with ; father.
Ex: In lists designed for international use a symbolic notation instead of textual notes may be used.
Ex: The objective in executing these three stages is to construct a document profile which reflects its subject = El propósito de llevar a cabo estas tres etapas es elaborar un perfil documental que refleje su materia.
Ex: National agencies creating MARC records use national standards within their own country, and re-format records to UNIMARC for international exchange.
Ex: In addition to problems with new subjects which lacked 'accepted' or established names, this guiding principle engendered inconsistency in the form of headings.
Ex: The intention is to establish a general framework, and then to give exceptions or further explanation and examples for each area in turn.
Ex: The preliminary discussions and proposals which led up to the AACR, did start out with an attempt to fashion an ideology, a philosophical context, for those rules.
Ex: This article calls on libraries to forge a renewed national commitment to cooperate in the building of a national information network for scholarly communications.
Ex: Formed in 1969, the first operational system was implemented in 1972-3.
Ex: Frequently, but not always, this same process will have been attempted by the author when inventing the title, and this explains why the title is often a useful aid to indexing.
Ex: By imposing a ban one is only likely to set up antagonism and frustration which will turn against the very thing we are trying to encourage.
Ex: There have never been any attempts to compose a bibliography of US government documents relating to international law.
Ex: In the 'office of the present', a document is usually produced by several people: someone, say an administrator or manager, who originates and checks it, a typist, who prepares the text, and a draughtsman or artist who prepares the diagrams.
Ex: MARC was brought into being originally to facilitate the creation of LC catalogue cards.
Ex: The article 'The newly minted MLS: what do we need to know today?' describes the skills which, ideally, every US library school graduate should possess at the end of the 1990s.
Ex: The earliest community information service in Australia dates from as recently as 1958 when Citizens' Advice Bureaux, modelled on their British namesake, were founded in Perth = El primer servicio de información ciudadana de Australia es reciente y data de 1958 cuando se creó en Perth la Oficina de Información al Ciudadano, a imitación de su homónima británica.
Ex: The librarians have instituted a series of campaigns, including displays and leaflets on specific issues, eg family income supplement, rent and rates rebates, and school grants.
Ex: Some university libraries have been built up over the centuries; others have come into existence over the last 40 years.
Ex: Necessity mothers invention, and certainly invention in the presentation of books mothers surprised interest.
Ex: Derfer corroborated her: 'I'd be very proud of you if you could come up with the means to draft a model collection development policy'.
Ex: Her son was fathered by her husband and her daughter was fathered by the man with whom she was reportedly having an affair.
* crear acuerdos de colaboración = build + partnerships ; build + alliances.
* crear adicción = be addictive.
* crear alianzas = form + alliances ; make + alliances ; build + partnerships ; build + alliances.
* crear apoyo = build + support.
* crear canales para = establish + channels for.
* crear caos = cause + chaos ; cause + mayhem.
* crear categorías = establish + categories.
* crear con gran destreza = craft.
* crear consenso = forge + consensus.
* crear demanda = make + demand.
* crear de nuevo = recreate [re-create].
* crear desconfianza = create + distrust.
* crear desesperación = yield + despair.
* crear estrategias = strategise [strategize, -USA].
* crear expectación = create + expectation.
* crear expectativas = create + expectancy.
* crear falsas ilusiones = create + false illusions.
* crear interés = build + interest ; create + interest.
* crear la ilusión = generate + illusion.
* crear lazos = build up + links ; build + bonds.
* crear lazos afectivos = bond.
* crear muchas oportunidades = open + the floodgates.
* crear negocio = bring in + business.
* crear ocasiones = create + chances.
* crear posibilidades = open + window ; create + possibilities.
* crear problemas = make + waves ; build up + problems ; make + trouble.
* crear problemas, causar problemas = make + waves.
* crear prototipos = prototype.
* crear relaciones = structure + relationships.
* crearse = build up ; hew.
* crearse el prestigio de ser = establish + a record as.
* crear servidor web = put up + web site.
* crearse una identidad = forge + Posesivo + identity.
* crearse una vida = build + life.
* crear una alianza = forge + alliance.
* crear una base = form + a basis.
* crear una buena impresión en = make + a good impression on.
* crear una coalición = forge + coalition.
* crear una colección = build + collection.
* crear una compañía = build + a company.
* crear un acuerdo = work out + an agreement.
* crear una familia = have + a family.
* crear una ilusión = create + illusion.
* crear una imagen = build + an image ; create + image ; summon up + image.
* crear una injusticia = create + injustice.
* crear una marca de identidad = branding.
* crear una ocasión = create + opportunity.
* crear una preocupación = create + concern.
* crear una situación = create + a situation.
* crear un clima = promote + climate.
* crear un comité = set up + committee.
* crear un entorno = create + an environment.
* crear un equilibrio = establish + a balance ; create + a balance.
* crear un fondo común de conocimientos = pool + knowledge.
* crear un fondo común de experiencias profesionales = pool + expertise.
* crear un grupo = set up + group.
* crear un índice = generate + index.
* crear un mercado para = produce + a market for.
* crear un perfil = compile + profile ; formulate + profile.
* crear un servidor web = open up + web site.
* crear un subcomité = set up + subcommittee.
* crear vínculos = build up + links ; build + bonds.
* crear vínculos afectivos = bond.
* oposición + crear = opposition + line up.
* que crea adicción = addictive.
* que crea hábito = addictive.
* volver a crear = recreate [re-create].

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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