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Cuales in English
whom, who; which; that such as; aforementioned

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Cuales in Catalan
quals quins

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Cuales in German
welche welche

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Cuales in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Cuales in English
which, what, whichever, that

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Online Dictionary
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which which

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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= which.
Ex: There are a number of features of a catalogue or index which benefit from some standardisation.
* aceptar tal cual = take + Nombre + at face value.
* cada cual por su cuenta = every man for himself.
* con lo cual = whereupon.
* copiar tal cual = lift + wholesale and unmodified ; lift out.
* de los cuales = out of which.
* después de lo cual = whereupon.
* gracias al cual = whereby.
* ninguno de los cuales = none of which.
* por el cual = whereby ; whereupon ; by which ; for which.
* sea cual fuere = any ... whatsoever.
* sea cual fuese = any ... whatsoever.
* sea cual sea el criterio utilizado = by any standard(s).
* sean cuales sean = whatever they may be.
* según lo cual = where.
* tal cual = unaltered ; uncritically ; unmodified ; unedited ; just as ; like that ; like this.
* tal o cual = such and such.
* tal y cual = such and such.
* todo lo cual = all of which.
= what ; which.
Ex: Before examining the two main means of constructing classification schedules it is as well to consider what the objective of the designer of a classification scheme should be.
Ex: Which is the only river in the world that flows both northwards and southwards across the line of the Equator?.
* ¿cuál es el futuro de? = quo vadis.
* ¿cuál es tu aspecto? = what do you look like?.
* saber cúal es la verdad = discern + the truth.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Cuales in Italian

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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Cuales in Finnish
se, kuka, että, mikä, kuka

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary
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