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Debate in English
debate, discussion debate, discuss should, shall; must; owe

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Debate in Spanish
s.m. debate

Dictionary source: LeXiCoN castelán-galego
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Debate in Bulgarian
 m спор, дебат, разискване.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Debate in Catalan

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Debate in German

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Debate in French

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Debate in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Debate in English

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Online Dictionary
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it debates

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = debate ; discussion ; exchange ; thread ; disquisition ; Q&A session [question and answer session] ; argument.
Ex: The debate as to which is the most effective way to classify books has not been positively settled.
Ex: In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract.
Ex: Reports of interviews of exchanges are to be entered under the participant if the report is essentially confined to the words of the person(s) interviewed.
Ex: The thread linking these giants is the acknowledgement that libraries exist to serve their users.
Ex: There are disadvantages to this but a disquisition on all of that would run on for many pages.
Ex: The delivery of each presentation should last 15-20 minutes which should include a Q&A session.
Ex: A précis is an account which restricts itself to the essential points in an argument.
* abrir el debate = open + the debate.
* abrir + Nombre + al debate = open + Nombre + to discussion.
* acallar el debate = stifle + debate.
* contribución a un debate = input to a debate.
* contribuir a un debate = have + an input to a debate.
* debate abierto = open discussion.
* debate académico = academic debate.
* debate acalorado = heated debate ; heated discussion.
* debate + centrarse sobre = debate + centre around/on/upon.
* debate científico = scientific debate.
* debate de grupo = group discussion.
* debate + durar = debate + rage ; debate + simmer.
* debate en grupo = group discussion.
* debate entre ponentes = panel discussion ; panel debate.
* debate + mantenerse = debate + rage.
* debate parlamentario = parliamentary debate.
* debate + perdurar = debate + rage ; debate + simmer.
* debate político = political discussion ; political debate.
* debate por tema de interés = breakout discussion.
* debate presidencial = presidential debate.
* debate público = public debate.
* debate + seguir = debate + rage.
* debate social = public discourse.
* desviar el debate de ... a = wrest + discussion + away from ... to.
* documento de debate = discussion paper.
* el tema del debate = the focus of the discussion.
* estar en debate = be under discussion.
* estimular el debate = provoke + discussion ; prompt + discussion ; pepper + debate ; stimulate + the discussion.
* fomentar el debate = foster + discussion ; stimulate + the discussion.
* foro de debate = discussion list ; listserv(er) [list-serv(er)] ; newsgroup [news group] ; electronic forum ; open forum ; e-mail list ; distribution list ; electronic distribution list ; discussion forum.
* foro de debate en línea = online forum.
* ganar un debate = win + an argument.
* generar debate = generate + debate.
* grupo de debate = discussion group ; focus group ; discussion list ; electronic forum ; panel discussion ; panel debate.
* limitar el debate a = keep + discussion + grounded on.
* mantener un debate = hold + a discussion.
* mesa de debate = panel discussion ; discussion panel.
* objeto del debate = at issue.
* panel de debate = panel presentation ; panel discussion ; discussion panel ; panel session.
* participar en un debate = participate + discussion.
* perder un debate = lose + an argument.
* preguntas para incitar el debate = discussion question.
* presentador de programa de debate = chat show host ; talk show host.
* programa de debate = talk show ; chat show.
* propiciar el debate = stimulate + the discussion ; stimulate + the debate.
* provocar el debate = prompt + discussion ; spark + debate ; stir + debate.
* provocar un debate = ignite + a debate.
* reavivar el debate = reignite + debate.
* seguir el debate = follow + the thread.
* ser objeto de debate = be at issue.
* sesión de debate = discussion session.
* suscitar el debate = spark + debate ; spark + discussion ; stir + debate.
* suscitar un debate = arouse + discussion ; debate + surface ; raise + a debate.
* tema de debate = thesis ; talking point ; subject of debate ; discussion topic.
(v.) = argue ; debate ; discuss ; talk over ; deliberate ; pick up on ; bring into + discussion ; bounce off + ideas ; parley.
Ex: Cutter argued that when it could be established that the second term was definitely more significant then inversion of headings was acceptable.
Ex: The reader is left to debate the relative merits of such a format - obviously its applications are limited.
Ex: This review also illustrates some of the issues which cataloguers have discussed over the years, and demonstrates other solutions to standards in cataloguing than those embodied in modern cataloguing codes.
Ex: Let's try to talk this over calmly and coolly.
Ex: Ethical principles are called into play when deliberating about values, particularly when values run into conflict.
Ex: The report picks up on this as a surprising finding, suggesting implicitly that open access journals are lagging behind in this regard.
Ex: Furthermore, this example brings into discussion the concept of a more complex relationship between the human senses and water in architecture.
Ex: The men outnumbered us women and it was great to be able to chat to them about all kinds of subjects and bounce off ideas.
Ex: After parleying with the captain for a short time they took their departure, only to return, largely reinforced.
* debatir con Alguien = bounce + ideas off + Nombre.
* debatir el impacto de algo = discuss + the impact of.
* debatir en profundidad = discuss + at length.
* debatir las consecuencias de algo = discuss + the implications of.
* debatitse entre... y/o... = hover between... and/or....
* debatir sobre lo ocurrido = debrief.
* debatir una cuestión = discuss + idea ; discuss + idea ; discuss + an issue.
* debatir una idea = toss around + an idea.
* debatir un problema = discuss + a problem.
* empezar a debatir = embark on/upon + discussion.
* estar debatiéndose = be under discussion.
* sin debatir = undiscussed.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Debate in Italian
dibattiti (pl.)

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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Debate in Finnish

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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väittely, neuvottelu, keskustelu

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary
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