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Elementos in English
elements element, main component, something which is a part of a complex whole; substance which cannot be simplified or separated (Chemistry); cell; factor

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Elementos in Spanish
Término que designa en Teosofía a los cuatro elementos cósmicos vitales que conforman el mundo: tierra, aire, fuego y agua.

Dictionary source: Español_Parapsicologia
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Elementos in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Elementos in German

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Elementos in French

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Elementos in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Elementos in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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= component ; data element ; element ; item ; building block.
Ex: The primary components in this area are place of publication, publisher's name and date of publication (that is, the date of edition).
Ex: The Working Group undertook to determine from the data available what data elements should be included for each type of authority.
Ex: In order to support these three elements it is important to have some organisation which takes responsibility for revision and publication.
Ex: Since only twenty or so items can be displayed on the screen at a time, the ↑ (Up), ↓ (Down), Page Up and Page Down keys are used to scroll through the listing.
Ex: This article seeks to explain why current on-line products have, despite tremendous capitalisation, not yet achieved satisfactory returns, but have provided the necessary building blocks towards future products.
* colocar como primer elemento de un encabezamiento compuesto = lead.
* comparación entre elementos comparables = like with like comparison.
* elemento afín = nearest neighbour.
* elemento básico = staple.
* elemento clave = key element ; building block.
* elemento de absorción = absorber.
* elemento de búsqueda ficticio = rogue string.
* elemento de cambio = agent of(for) change.
* elemento de entrada = entry element.
* elemento destacado = standout.
* elemento esencial = essential ; kingpin.
* elemento importante = major force.
* elemento intangible = intangible.
* elemento integrante = fixture.
* elemento que se repite = repeater.
* elementos del marketing, los = marketing mix, the.
* elemento vital = vital factor.
* encontrarse fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = feel out of + Posesivo + element.
* enfrentarse a los elementos = brave + the elements.
* estar en + Posesivo + elemento = be in + Posesivo + element.
* estar fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = be out of + Posesivo + element.
* exposición a los elementos = exposure to the elements.
* expuesto a los elementos = open to the elements.
* hacer frente a los elementos = brave + the elements.
* luchar contra los elementos = brave + the elements.
* sentirse fuera de + Posesivo + elemento = feel out of + Posesivo + element.
* subelemento = sub-element [subelement].
(n.) = element.
Nota: Palabra, frase o grupo de caracteres que describen datos homogéneos de un documento y que forman parte de un área de la descripción bibliográfica.
Ex: An element is a group of characters, a word, phrase, etc., representing a distinct unit of bibliographic information and forming part of an area (q.v.) of the description.
* elemento bibliográfico = bibliographic element.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Elementos in Italian
elementi (pl.)

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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