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Estimada in English
esteemed, respected, admired; dear; popular; estimated

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Estimada in German
sehr geehrte;sehr geehrter

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Estimada in French
estimé (masc); estimée (fem); estimés, estimées (plu)

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Estimada in English
(adj.) = beloved ; projected ; loved ; esteemed ; valued ; dear ; estimated.
Ex: If one were to think of an analogue outside the library situation, one would conjure up the image of a miser cackling with delight as he counts and recounts his beloved coins.
Ex: The areas allowed for housing books were based on the size of the existing collection, plus the projected annual acquisition rate multiplied by ten years.
Ex: Listening to stories, poems, nursery rhymes, nonsense, while occupied with a loved adult in a comforting activity, acclimatizes the infant to the rhythms of prose and poetry.
Ex: This tremendous outpouring of titles is one reason why British publishing has such a highly esteemed place in the world.
Ex: One very elementary kind of invitation might be the introduction of lavatories in public libraries: a facility to be found in department stores, which are interested in service to valued customers.
Ex: Heaney noted that 'in the first place and in the last resort, libraries are for dear life also'.
Ex: This youthfulness explains the estimated loss to the profession of 105 librarians by 1983.
* muy estimado = highly regarded ; highly esteemed ; highly reputed.
(v.) = appraise ; deem ; estimate ; reckon ; gauge [gage, -USA] ; esteem ; hold in + esteem ; prize [prise, -USA] ; look up to ; hold + Nombre + dear.
Ex: If one walks round a large general booskshop and carefully appraises the stock on display it becomes clear quite quickly that there are many types of books which seem to bear a strong similarity to each other.
Ex: If a corporate body is deemed to have some intellectual responsibility for the content of a work, then the name of that body will usually feature as a heading on either a main or added entry.
Ex: For example, without scanning the entire index it is impossible to estimate the total number of relevant documents in the system, a figure that is required in the calculation of recall.
Ex: Book form is easy to use, readable, and reckoned to be an acceptable format for many users.
Ex: The 2nd 'Think Tank' held in Dallas, June 89, focused on gauging what breakthrough issues are occurring in the field that directly concern libraries and merit consideration.
Ex: But women value social progress and consciousness of success less than men and esteem freedom and love.
Ex: However, staff of reference libraries are not always held in such high esteem.
Ex: She was so poor that she had nothing but one single hen, which she prized as the apple of her eye.
Ex: No mattter how high I get, I'll still be looking up to you.
Ex: Cuts in Government agriculture spending are an attack on everything we hold dear in this country.
* estimar grosso modo = guesstimate.
* estimar la demanda de Algo = gauge + the demand for.
* estimar los costes = cost out.
* subestimar = understatement.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Estimada in Italian
si usa anche per intestare le lettere rivolte a persone con cui non ci legano rapporti d'amicizia o fiducia, sarebbe l'equivalente a "spettabile"
es: Estimado Sr. Gonzalez equivale a Spett.le Sig. Gonzalez

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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