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Invitados in English
invited, asked to be present invite; guest

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Invitados in German

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Invitados in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Invitados in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = guest ; house guest ; visiting guest.
Ex: And making matters worse, this uncomfortable group sat in a suburban sitting-room flooded with afternoon sunlight like dutifully polite guests at a formal coffee party.
Ex: I'm embarrassed that you are my house guest and have to ask at 4pm if it's beer time yet -- it's always beer time on holidays around here.
Ex: As a visiting guest, you naturally have the same use of all the amenities as also enjoyed by our permanent customers.
* atender a invitados = entertain + guests.
* cama para invitados = guest bed.
* cuarto de invitados = spare room ; guest room.
* invitado a una fiesta = party-goer.
* invitado de honor = guest of honour.
* invitado especial = special guest.
* lista de invitados = guest list.
* no invitados, los = uninvited, the.
* ponencia dada por invitado especial = key paper.
(adj.) = visiting.
Ex: Weekly press briefings on general and topical issues and press conferences are given by visiting members of the European Commission.
* conferencia invitada = guest lecture.
* conferenciante invitado = guest speaker ; visiting speaker.
* miembro invitado = co-opted member.
* no invitado = uninvited ; uninvited.
* personas no invitadas, las = uninvited, the.
* ponencia invitada = invited talk.
* profesor invitado = fellow ; visiting scholar ; visiting fellow ; visiting professor ; visiting lecturer.
(v.) = invite.
Ex: Members of the audience were invited to ask questions, make statements, and express themselves freely.
* invitar a Alguien a cenar fuera = invite + Alguien + out to dinner.
* invitar a Alguien a salir = ask + Nombre + out.
* invitar a formar parte de un grupo = co-opt.
* invitar al peligro = court + danger ; flirt with + danger.
* invitar a salir = take + Nombre + out.
* invitar la casa = be on the house.
* que invita a = invitingly.
* que invita a la reflexión = thought-provoking.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Invitados in Italian
invitati/e pl.

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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