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Mina in English
mine, pit, quarry; lead; refill; storehouse mynah, type of bird mine, attack; undermine illuminate, light up, brighten

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Mina in Spanish

Dictionary source: Diccionario de Lunfardo
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s.f. mina

Dictionary source: LeXiCoN castelán-galego
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(pop.) Mujer (ANON. 1), hembra (AD.)
Prostituta (AD.), mujer que cohabita con uno, a quien sostiene con sus puterías y ayuntamientos carnales con otros
Mujer que se une a un hombre ilícitamente (AD.), concubina, querida (AD.).

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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: Mujer

Dictionary source: Lunfardo
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Dictionary source: Aragonés-Castellán
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Mina in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Mina in German
Mine / Bergwerk

Dictionary source: Spanish German Science Dictionary
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Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Mina in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Mina in English

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Online Dictionary
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Dictionary source: Spanish-English Archaeological Terms
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it mines

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = lode ; mine ; treasure trove ; coal mine.
Ex: Discovering these tales, looking out printed versions and comparing them with the oral tradition would have introduced us step by step into the rich lode of folklore.
Ex: The cases provide a rich mine of role-playing material.
Ex: By meeting authors cold print takes on a human voice; wadges of paper covered with words turn into treasure troves full of interest.
Ex: Ponies have been used for riding, transport, work on crofts and in coal mines, domestic service, and in show business.
* descubrir una mina de oro = strike + gold ; hit + the jackpot.
* ingeniería de minas = mining engineering.
* ingeniero de minas = mining engineer.
* mina de carbón = coal mine.
* mina de mar = sea mine.
* mina de oro = goldmine [gold mine] ; gold mine.
* mina marina = sea mine.
* minas de sal = saltworks.
* mina terrestre = land mine.
* pozo de mina = mine shaft.
* una mina de = a treasure trove of.
* una mina de información = a mine of information.
* una mina inagotable de = a treasure house of.
(n.) = mine.
Nota: Armamento.
Ex: Many houses have been abandoned and many people who left during the war still haven't returned, partly because the land is full of mines.
* campo de minas = minefield.
* mina antipersonal = anti-personnel mine.
* mina fuera de ruta = roadside bomb.
* mina lapa = limpet mine.
* mina magnética = limpet mine.
* mina terrestre antipersonal = anti-personnel land mine.
(n.) = pencil lead.
Ex: The reactions were then carried out in open vessels equipped with rudimentary condensers, and using either pencil lead or iron wire.
* mina de lápiz = pencil lead.
(v.) = erode ; undermine ; sap ; gnaw (at) ; undercut ; whittle (away/down/at) ; hollow out.
Ex: These arrangements should also erode price differentials between Europe and the US, and permit each country to support its own online services.
Ex: Furthermore, the value of citation bibliometry is currently being undermined by the formation of 'citation clubs', which aim to indiscriminately achieve maximum cross-citing between 'club members'.
Ex: First the desire to read is sapped, then the will, and finally stamina to tackle anything but short, and immediately useful, passages.
Ex: The rugby league is increasingly beset by a financial reward system that gnaws at its prime resource -- the players.
Ex: The effects of liberalization threaten to undercut the delivery of a long cherished social objective.
Ex: However, such idealism is often whittled away over time by bureaucratic problems & organizational demands.
Ex: The Irish President said last night that Irish society is being hollowed out by individualism.
* minar la confianza en Uno mismo = undermine + self-confidence.
* minar los valores tradicionales = undermine + traditional values.
* minar + Posesivo + confianza = undermine + Posesivo + confidence ; erode + Posesivo + confidence ; sap + Posesivo + confidence.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Mina in Italian
mine (pl.)
miniere (pl.)
(volg.) ragazza, donna

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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Mina in Finnish
kaivos, miina, lähde, lyijykynän lyijy, pimu tietolähde kultakaivos ajomiina

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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