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Mio in English
mine, belonging to me

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Mio in Spanish

Dictionary source: Aragonés-Castellán
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Mio in Bulgarian
 (mнa; mнos, mнas) pron pos мой (моя; мои) (м. и ж. р., ед. и мн. ч.); a mнa sobre tuya loc adv прибързано; con lo mнo me ayude Dios proverb пада ми се това, което заслужавам; de mнo без да разчитам на никого, със собствени средства (сили); la mнa разг. моят час, удобният за мен момент.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Mio in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Mio in German
mein;meine;meiner;meines;von mir

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Mio in French
mien (masc), mienne (fem), miens, miennes (plu)

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Mio in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Mio in English
mine mine

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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= mine.
Ex: I am given to understand that the overall cooling costs in a library building such as mine are greater than the total heating costs.
* ¡Dios mío! = good grief!.
* ¡Dios mío! = goodness gracious ; oh dear! ; good golly(, Miss Molly)! ; good lord!.
* el mío = mine.
* ¡Madre mía! = Good heavens!.
* Nombre + mío = Nombre + of mine.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Mio in Italian

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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