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Obstáculos in English
obstacle, obstruction, impediment, hindrance; objection; marplot, one who ruins a plan by interfering

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Obstáculos in Catalan

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Obstáculos in German

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Obstáculos in French

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Obstáculos in Danish

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Obstáculos in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = logjam [log-jam].
Ex: In this section, we're going to discuss strategies you can use to break up some of the political logjams that might be hindering your IT projects. (n.) = encumbrance ; handicap ; hurdle ; impairment ; impediment ; rough spot ; wall ; barrier ; bottleneck ; hindrance ; obstacle ; inhibition ; obstruction ; stumbling block ; bar ; blockage ; roadblock ; block.
Ex: Meanwhile we are asked to accept encumbrances that will needlessly impair the effectiveness of our catalogs for an indefinite time to come.
Ex: A high exhaustivity of indexing, then, is beneficial where a thorough search is required, but may be a handicap when only a few highly relevant documents are sought.
Ex: Schoolchildren, students, and other whose native language is written in a non-Roman script may find alphabetical order according to Roman characters an almost insurmountable hurdle in the use of catalogues and indexes.
Ex: A well-designed multimodal application can be used by people with a wide variety of impairments.
Ex: It may be decided that the practical impediments to the distribution and assignment of such numbers outweigh their potential usefulness.
Ex: But despite the many catalog worlds, and herein lies the rub -- or at least a rough spot -- we have been proceeding on the assumption that the catalog exists in the form of the data distributed by the Library of Congress.
Ex: In the map library, the electronic medium is shaking the foundations of cartographic communication and threatening the bring the walls crashing down.
Ex: While the number of projects proposed was innumerable, 3 barriers remain: red tape; hard currency; and Western barriers to providing high technology to the Eastern bloc.
Ex: A number of research groups have investigated the use of knowledge-based systems as a means of avoiding this bottleneck.
Ex: The overall effect of the labels and signs is not so much help but hindrance through information overload.
Ex: Conversely, an unsympathetic principal can be the greatest obstacle to library development within a school.
Ex: This has been a major source of inhibition to the development of British efforts to create a bank of microcopy versions of theses accepted.
Ex: Harmonization of technical standards is one of the Community's principal goals in creating a common market devoid of obstructions to the free movement of goods.
Ex: These stumbling blocks can often be bypassed in the initial stages of OSI implementation by choosing applications that do not require close integration with existing library systems.
Ex: Publications describing or revealing an invention can be a bar to issuance of a patent.
Ex: The problem in relation to communication is probably the most difficult of them all, as the blockage lies in people rather than with the library.
Ex: The roadblock to increasing book translations into English is not that there is insufficient funding but that few publishers know about grant schemes that are available.
Ex: Emotional blocks to reading can be formed by an unsatisfactory relationship with a teacher.
* ayudar a eliminar obstáculos = clear + the path ; clear + the way.
* campo de obstáculos = obstacle course.
* carrera de obstáculos = steeplechase ; obstacle race.
* constituir un obstáculo = constitute + an obstacle.
* creación de obstáculos = fence building.
* eliminar los obstáculos = bring down + barriers.
* eliminar obstáculos = clear + the path ; clear + the way.
* eliminar un obstáculo = remove + barrier ; sweep away + obstacle ; remove + obstacle.
* encontrarse con un obstáculo = face + an obstacle.
* enfrentarse a un obstáculo = address + a barrier.
* obstáculo insalvable = insurmountable obstacle.
* obstáculos = logjam [log-jam].
* pista de obstáculos = obstacle course.
* poner obstáculos = cramp.
* preparación del terreno eliminando todo tipo de obstáculos = land-clearing.
* presentar un obstáculo = pose + an obstacle.
* que pone obstáculos = obstructive.
* reducir un obstáculo = lower + barrier.
* remover un obstáculo = remove + obstacle ; remove + barrier.
* salvar un obstáculo = overcome + obstacle.
* ser un obstáculo = stand in + the way (of) ; stand in + Posesivo + way.
* sin obstáculos = unchecked ; unhindered ; unimpeded ; unobstructed.
* sin obstáculos de por medio = uncluttered.
* sortear un obstáculo = go (a)round/past + obstacles.
* superar un obstáculo = overcome + obstacle ; jump over + a hurdle ; conquer + barrier.
* vencer un obstáculo = surmount + obstacle ; conquer + barrier.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Obstáculos in Finnish
selvittää este, selvitä jostakin

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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Obstáculos in Polish
przeszkoda; utrudnienie

Dictionary source: Spanish Polish Dictionary
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