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Ocurrió in English
occur, take place, happen; betide, befall

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Ocurrió in Spanish

Dictionary source: Aragonés-Castellán
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Ocurrió in German
es geschah;geschah

Dictionary source: ADO's Spanish German Dictionary
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Ocurrió in Danish
faldt ind

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Ocurrió in English
it happened it happened

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(v.) = happen ; occur ; occur ; take + place ; come about ; go on ; transpire ; come to + pass ; play out ; go down.
Ex: Everything that happens in the couple's tiny, shrunken, enclosed world is addictive, unglamorous, and boringly awful = Todo lo que ocurre en el pequeño, reducido y cerrado mundo de esta pareja es adictivo, poco atractivo y tediosamente espantoso.
Ex: Various desirable features will be incorporated into a package which may not occur to the new user as being of importance.
Ex: In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames.
Ex: This substitution takes place only in the online public access catalog.
Ex: In the next chapter we look at how this development came about and the directions it has taken.
Ex: How she ached to be a poet and by some wizardry of pen capture the mysteries going on out there.
Ex: The 2nd is the fact that most information seeking transpires with little help from librarians, who have consistently failed to establish themselves as primary information professionals.
Ex: The most devasting consequences predicted in 1980, such as the loss of small presses, have not come to pass.
Ex: The author discusses access, censorship, and privacy, looking at how these issues are played out in legal debates over copyright law.
Ex: If anything is going down here it's woman-hatred, not man-hatred, a veritable war against women.
* atento a lo que ocurre alrededor = with an ear to the ground.
* averiguar lo que ocurre alrededor = put + Posesivo + ear to the ground.
* cambio + ocurrir = change + take place.
* catástrofe + ocurrir = disaster + strike.
* como ocurre en estos casos = as is the way with these things.
* como + ocurrir + en el caso de = as + be + the case for.
* cuando a Alguien le ocurre Algo, Otra Persona sufre las consecuencias = when + Alguien + sneeze, + Otro + catch cold.
* esto no ocurre en el caso de = the same is not true (for/of/with).
* hacer que ocurra = cause to + happen.
* lo mismo ocurre con = the same goes for.
* mantenerse atento a lo que ocurre alrededor = keep + Posesivo + ear to the ground.
* ¡Ni se te ocurra! = Not on your life!.
* no decir a Alguien lo que está ocurriendo = leave + Nombre + in the dark.
* no + ocurrírsele + nada = think of + nothing.
* ocurra lo que ocurra = come what may ; come rain or shine ; rain or shine ; come hell or high water ; no matter what happens ; whatever happens.
* ocurrir en el futuro = go into + the future.
* ocurrirse a Alguien una idea = hit on/upon + an idea.
* ocurrírsele a Alguien una idea = think up + idea.
* ocurrírsele a Alguien una solución = come up with + a solution.
* ocurrírsele a Uno = come into + Posesivo + mind ; come to + Posesivo + mind ; it + occur to + Nombre/Pronombre ; cross + Posesivo + mind.
* ocurrírsele la idea = come up with + the idea.
* ocurrírsele un plan = come up with + a plan.
* ocurrir todo a la vez = happen + all at once.
* ocurrir una tragedia = tragedy + strike.
* pregunta + ocurrir = question + pop into + Posesivo + mind.
* ¿qué ocurre si... ? = what if... ?.
* ser algo que no ocurre con frecuencia = be a rare occurrence ; be a rare sight.
* ser lo último que + ocurrir + a Alguien = be the last thing of + Posesivo + mind.
* si no ocurre ningún imprevisto = all (other) things being equal.
* tener que ocurrir = be bound to happen.
* todo ocurre por algo = everything happens for a reason (and a purpose).
* todo ocurre por una razón = everything happens for a reason (and a purpose).
* y ocurrió que... = and it came to pass that....

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Ocurrió in Italian
es: el hecho ocurrió hace 2 años - il fatto successe due anni fa
mi venne l'idea/trovai
es: se me ocurrió la forma de escapar - trovai la forma di scappare

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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