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Orientado in English
orient, guide, direct orient, get one's bearings; trim

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Orientado in French
orienté(s) (masc); orientée(s) (fem)

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Orientado in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Orientado in English
* estar orientado a/para = be geared to.
* estar orientado hacia + Nombre = be + Nombre + driven.
* orientado a la persona = human-oriented.
* orientado al ordenador = machine-oriented ; computer-oriented.
* orientado al presente = now-oriented.
* orientado al servicio de la gente = people-centred ; people-centric.
* orientado al servicio de las personas = people-centred.
* orientado al sur = south facing.
* orientado al usuario = user-related ; human-oriented.
* orientado al usuario final = end-user oriented.
* orientado hacia el contenido = content-oriented.
* orientado hacia el hombre = human-centred [human-centered, -USA].
* orientado hacia el material impreso = print-centred [print-centered, -USA].
* orientado hacia el mercado = market-orientated [market orientated] ; market-oriented [market oriented].
* orientado hacia el objeto = object-oriented ; artefact-centred [artefact-centered, -USA].
* orientado hacia el pueblo = people-driven.
* orientado hacia el servicio = service orientated ; service-focused.
* orientado hacia el usuario = user-driven ; user-centred [user-centered, -USA] ; client-based ; client-centred [client-centered, -USA] ; client-driven ; client-directed ; client-oriented ; customer-focused ; user-focused.
* orientado hacia la familia = family-oriented.
* orientado hacia la forma = form-oriented.
* orientado hacia la gente = people-driven.
* orientado hacia la información = information-driven.
* orientado hacia la práctica = practice-oriented.
* orientado hacia la resolución de problemas = problem-orientated ; problem-oriented.
* orientado hacia las tiendas = shop-based.
* orientado hacia la tecnología = technologically-driven ; technology-driven ; technology-orientated ; technology-oriented ; technology-centred [technology-centered, -USA].
* orientado hacia los demás = other-oriented.
* orientado hacia los negocios = business-minded.
* orientado hacia los soportes = medium-oriented.
* orientado hacia una aplicación práctica concreta = application-oriented.
* orientado hacia unas necesidades = need oriented.
* orientado hacia uno mismo = self-oriented.
(v.) = gear (to/toward(s)/for) ; orient ; orientate ; give + advice (on) ; guide ; give + direction ; angle ; lend + direction ; put + Nombre + on the (right) track to ; point + Nombre + in the right direction.
Ex: Most of the main subject headings lists are geared to the alphabetical subject approach found in dictionary catalogues.
Ex: Supermarket hosts have their own specialised, and often unique command languages, and have been oriented to specialist searchers.
Ex: In this category the majority of programmes were found to be orientated towards information systems for business and management.
Ex: She also gives valuable advice on distinguishing between the Lost Sheep and Confidence Personified.
Ex: You can press F2 key at this point to take advantage of menus that will guide you through Command Search.
Ex: To give direction to these physical resources, there are objectives for the project and a framework timetable.
Ex: This publication seems to find particular favour in law firms, possibly because of its currency and the way it is angled towards the commercial world.
Ex: Policies are guidelines that lend direction to planning and decision-making.
Ex: The most natural way out is to ask the enquirer: usually he will know, or at least will be able to put the librarian on the right track.
Ex: These metaphors point us in the right direction and set us off on a discussion of fiction as a symbolic structure that is to life what metaphors are to reality.
* encargado de orientar al lector = readers' adviser.
* orientar a = put + Nombre + on the (right) path to ; put + Nombre + on the (right) road to.
* orientarse = get + Posesivo + bearings.
* orientar un servicio hacia = target + service.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Orientado in Finnish
suuntautunut, suunnattu

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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