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Producido in English
induced, produced produce, manufacture; publicize (a film); present; cultivate; give birth (animals); cause, bring, carry with, take with happen, occur, take place

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Producido in French
produit(s) (masc), produite(s) (fem)

Dictionary source: Spanish French Dictionary
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Producido in Danish

Dictionary source: JM Spanish-Danish Dictionary
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Producido in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(adj.) = induced.
Ex: A number of observers and critics of professional education for library and information work has expressed concern at the failure of SLIS to respond rapidly and sensitively to such IT induced changes.
* bien producido = well-produced.
* daño producido por las condiciones ambientales = environmental damage.
* destrozo producido por las condiciones ambientales = environmental damage.
* mancha producida por goteo = drip mark.
* microforma producida por ordenador = COM (computer output microform).
* neurosis producida por el trabajo = occupational neurosis.
* producido de un modo barato = cheaply-produced.
* producido ilegalmente = illegally-produced.
* producido localmente = locally produced.
* producido por la TI = IT-induced.
* producido por ordenador = computer-produced [computer produced] ; machine-derived.
* tensión producida por el trabajo = occupational stress.
(v.) = author ; breed ; deliver ; generate ; get out ; give + birth to ; output ; produce ; result (in) ; spawn ; turn out ; yield ; throw up ; effect ; realise [realize, -USA] ; put out ; crank out ; bring about ; net ; elaborate.
Ex: Note that these provisions do not include research reports which have been prepared within a government agency but specifically authored by an individual = Nótese que estas disposiciones no afectan a informes de investigaciones procedentes de una agencia gubernamental aunque realizados concretamente por un individuo.
Ex: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.
Ex: The result could be termed a full-provision data base -- a data base including both text and reference, and delivering much more than the 2 added together.
Ex: Human indexers sometimes make inappropriate judgements, misinterpret ideas, have lapses of memory or concentration, and generate omissions and inconsistencies in their indexing.
Ex: I suspect that this emphasis reflects the desire to have a simple rule that everybody can apply and therefore get out cataloging data quickly and cheaply.
Ex: By way of illustration: it is the machine's habit to perform remarkable feats, such as augmenting western musical heritage with the discovery that the eighteenth century gave birth to two contemporary composers.
Ex: The search profile will only be modified periodically as the quality of the set of notifications output from the search drops to unacceptable levels.
Ex: The present OCLC system does not produce catalog cards in sets, but if it did it could produce over 6,000 different sets for one title.
Ex: Objective 1 results in what is known as a direct catalogue, because it gives direct access to a specific document.
Ex: Both the original production and revision of STC spawned a large crop of such items which are worth following up.
Ex: Once it is available, duplicates in large quantities could probably be turned out for a cent apiece beyond the cost of materials.
Ex: This mixture of approaches is designed to yield maximum retrieval for as many users as possible by combining the different strengths of controlled and natural language indexing.
Ex: Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
Ex: Historically, the main reasons for unionization have been to effect better wages, fringe benefits, and working conditions.
Ex: Librarians, information scientists, and keepers of the archives have to realise the meaning of the so-called electronic library (e-library).
Ex: When such a happy occurrence takes place the publisher can put out extra impressions and can publish (or sell the rights for) a paperback edition for a larger market.
Ex: Because we have an automated system we can crank out weeding lists on different criteria.
Ex: Untruth brings about ill reputation and indignity.
Ex: A circle of knitters who meet for a natter have ended up netting a massive £4973 for charity.
Ex: The programme compares three different budgets elaborated by workers and purchases what is required thus guarantying transparency in the use of financial resources.
* cambio + producirse = change + come about.
* catástrofe + producirse = disaster + strike.
* hacer que se produzca una situación = bring about + situation.
* hacer que se produzca un resultado = bring about + result.
* producir aglomeraciones = cause + crowding.
* producir beneficios = reap + dividends ; render + returns ; achieve + returns ; pay + dividends ; return + dividends.
* producir caos = cause + chaos ; cause + mayhem.
* producir con gran destreza = craft.
* producir desesperación = yield + despair.
* producir dividendos = pay + dividends ; return + dividends.
* producir dudas = make + Nombre + doubt.
* producir el rendimiento máximo = come into + Posesivo + own.
* producir el resultado esperado = do + the trick.
* producir en abundancia = churn out ; knock out.
* producir hostilidad = arouse + hostility.
* producir náuseas = nauseate.
* producir perjuicios = cause + damage.
* producir resultado = yield + result.
* producir resultados = produce + results ; bring + results.
* producirse caos = chaos + result ; chaos + arise.
* producirse un cúmulo de circunstancias que = circumstances + converge.
* producir un cambio = effect + a change ; produce + change ; trigger + change.
* que produce ansiedad = anxiety-producing.
* que produce placer = pleasure-giving.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Producido in Italian
prodotti/e (pl.)

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Dictionary
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Producido in Finnish
tuotettu, aiheutettu

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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