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react, respond reaction, response; backlash; feedback; kickback

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Reacciones in English

Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(v.) = react ; get in + the act.
Ex: This will cause the system to react differently to a request to renew an overdue document.
Ex: Even the U.S. military got in the act, when in 1984 they abolished happy hours at military base clubs.
* hacer reaccionar = sting into + action ; light + the fire under.
* reaccionar ante una situación = respond to + situation.
* reaccionar lento = be slow off the mark ; be slow off the blocks.
* reaccionar rápido = be quick off the mark ; be quick off the blocks.
(n.) = feedback ; reaction.
Ex: The statements are framed one at a time, and feedback is available at each stage, hence the term 'interactive searching'.
Ex: Typically a patent abstract is informative, and includes in the case of a process, the steps, the type of reaction, conditions etc.
* a reacción = jet-assisted.
* avión a reacción = jet ; jet aircraft.
* causar una reacción = cause + reaction.
* enfrentarse a una reacción + Adjetivo = meet with + Adjetivo + reaction.
* motor a reacción = jet engine.
* provocar una reacción = cause + reaction ; provoke + reaction.
* reacción adversa a los fármacos = adverse drug reaction.
* reacción adversa a los medicamentos = adverse drug reaction.
* reacción alérgica = allergic reaction.
* reacción cutánea = skin reaction.
* reacción emocional = emotional reaction.
* reacción en cadena = chain reaction ; knock-on effect.
* reacciones opuestas = mixed reactions.
* reacción instintiva = instinctive reaction.
* reacción negativa = negative reaction.
* reacción nuclear = nuclear reaction.
* reacción nuclear en cadena = nuclear chain reaction.
* reacción positiva = positive reaction.
* reacción química = chemical reaction.
* reacción tóxica = toxic reaction.
* reacción violenta = backlash.
* reacción visceral = visceral reaction.
* recibirse con una reacción + Adjetivo = meet with + Adjetivo + reaction.
* tiempo de reacción = reaction time.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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