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similar, parallel

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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 adj сходен, подобен, аналогичен.

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Similar in Catalan
semblant, similar

Dictionary source: Castilian Catalan Dictionary
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Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(adj.) = associated ; like ; similar ; like-minded ; collateral ; nonunique [non-unique] ; alike ; coterminous [co-terminous] ; parallel ; suchlike ; consistent ; kindred.
Nota: Véase red para otras palabras terminadas con este sufijo.
Ex: This list makes recommendations about the use of references for the display of relationships in a catalogue, index or data base, in order to guide users between connected or associated terms.
Ex: Inversion may offer the advantage of grouping like subjects.
Ex: Both the author and the subject approach for nonbook materials can be regarded as broadly similar for all media.
Ex: Directories of organizations and human resources are an excellent means of knowing who is doing what and where and assist in the networking among like-minded institutions.
Ex: If there are two or more collateral printed texts which were set from manuscript copy, not from other printed editions, the editor must choose one or other of them as copy-text on the basis of whatever he can discover about their relative status = Si existen dos o más textos impresos similares que se compusieron a partir del mismo original, no de otras ediciones impresas, el editor debe escoger uno u otro como texto fuente a partir de aquello que pueda descubrir que los diferencie.
Ex: Our estimation is that we have 845,000 nonunique names in the MARC data base.
Ex: Although users are better informed than non-users, they are fairly alike in their attitudes toward such issues as capital punishment and the effect of alcohol on driving.
Ex: Sample articles were chosen for subjects coterminous with each other for 1950, 60 and 70.
Ex: The increasing demand for paper of all sorts, which the giant productivity of the Fourdrinier machine could easily meet, resulted in a parallel demand for rags which was soon outstripping the supply.
Ex: I think this should all be interpreted as a challenge, rather than as a mandate for complacency or suchlike.
Ex: In order to achieve good consistent indexing the indexer must have a thorough appreciation of the structure of the subject and the nature of the contribution that the document makes to the advancement of knowledge.
Ex: The indexer must evaluate whether the index user will profit if a distinction is made between two kindred terms.
* con las características similares a las de texto = text-like.
* de forma muy similar a = in much the same way as.
* de intereses similares = of like interest.
* de manera similar = in a similar way.
* de manera similar a = in a similar manner to.
* de un modo similar = in a similar vein.
* muy similar a = much like.
* o algo similar = or something of that sort ; or something to that effect ; or something of that nature ; or words to that effect ; or something like that.
* para personas con intereses similares = birds-of-a-feather.
* ser similar = be on a par.
* ser similar a = be nothing short of.
* similar a = akin to ; of the type ; along the lines of ; to the effect of.
* similar a la ansiedad = anxiety-like.
* similar a la realidad = lifelike [life-like].
* similar a un bolígrafo = pen-like.
* similar a un papagayo = parrot-like.
* y similares = and the kind.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary
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