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extinct; out; dull, lacklustre; muted, muffled
blow out, puff out; douse; turn off; smother; silence, mute
go out; blow out; burn out; fade away

A muting technique on the guitar used to cut the sound short. It may be done with either hand. With the left hand the little finger is used. With the right hand the strings are stopped using the palm. Also referred to as PARADO.



(adj.) = off.
Ex: The computer, in essence, can do one thing and one thing only; it can recognize the difference between the two states 'on' and 'off'; rather like a person being able to tell whether a light is on or off.
* apagado y encendido = off and on ; on and off.
* cal apagada = slaked lime.
* estar apagado = be off.
* interruptor de encendido = ON/OFF switch.
(adj.) = subdued ; muffled ; dulled ; lifeless.
Ex: And then he added, with a subdued laugh: 'After all, we librarians are trained to do research for people!'.
Ex: Garschine cupped his hand over the mouthpiece and uttered some muffled words = Garschine cubrió el microfóno con la mano y pronunció algunas palabras con voz apagada.
Ex: Adolescents cannot be led so easily, so unselfconsciously as children, and disenchantment can be a door that closes tight against attempts to reinvigorate dulled literary receptivity.
Ex: Despite the proliferation of biographies aimed at young adults which have lavish illustrations, easy-to-read print and attractive layout, most of them are lifeless and mediocre.
* con voz apaga = tonelessly.
* de color apagado = drably.
* tono apagado = flat tone.
(v.) = turn off ; quench ; snub out ; extinguish ; dim ; snuff out ; snuff ; dampen ; stamp out ; blow out ; stub out ; stub ; switch off.
Ex: Trapping must be turned off by hand when the document has been picked up by the borrower.
Ex: By such mutual assistance, the wits and endeavours of the world may no longer be as so many scattered coals, or firebrands, which, for want of union are soon quenched, whereas, being but laid together, they would have yielded a comfortable light and heat.
Ex: 'Who will tell her?' 'I'll take care of that,' responded the principal with acerbity, snubbing out her cigarette.
Ex: His sudden gust of audacity was quickly extinguished by her words and by her glance.
Ex: At first, analyzing the way he went about his work eroded his confidence, threw him off balance, dimmed some of his energetic spirit.
Ex: The producer did a 'hatchet job' on the film, substantially dumbing down the project and snuffing out any subtlety or nuance.
Ex: Perhaps it was his hunger for precision and philosophical truth that snuffed the literary flame in Musil.
Ex: Ten years ago ambition abounded; now risk-taking is out of style and vanguardism has been dampened by a pervasive enthusiasm for the past.
Ex: The existence of the Internet and World Wide Web has made it almost impossible to stamp out crimes committed by hackers.
Ex: The windows were closed -- yet all the candles blew out in the living room!.
Ex: Nicotine patches may not help smokers to stub out the habit, according to a new study.
Ex: But what are we as the citizens of the country doing to stub the problem?.
Ex: The light's too annoying, Could you switch it off? = La luz es muy molesta, ¿Podrías apagarla?.
* apagar el ardor = dampen + Posesivo + ardor.
* apagar el entusiasmo = dampen + Posesivo + ardor.
* apagar el fuego = put out + the flames.
* apagar la cal = slake + lime.
* apagar la cal viva = slake + quicklime.
* apagar la luz = turn + the light off.
* apagar la sed = slake + Posesivo + thirst ; quench + Posesivo + thirst.
* apagarse = subside ; blow out.
* apagar soplando = blow out.
* apagar un cigarrillo = stub + a cigarette.
* apagar un cigarro = stub + a cigarette.
* apagar un fuego = extinguish + fire ; put down + fire ; douse + a blaze.
* apagar un fuego con los pies = stomp out + fire.
* fuego + apagar = fire + be out.
* la distancia es como el viento que apaga los fuegos pequeños pero aviva los = absence makes the heart grow fonder ; distance makes the heart grow fonder.
* luz + apagarse = light + go out ; light + go off.

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