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keen, enthusiastic; fond, affectionate; amateur, non-professional; partial
amateur, nonprofessional; fan; lover
make someone like something
fancy, be fond of; fall for; take to, make habit

An enthusiast follower, fan, amateur.



(n.) = dabbler ; dilettante ; hobbyist ; non-specialist [nonspecialist] ; buff ; enthusiast ; aficionado.
Ex: This article examines 3 different types of user -- the dabbler, the researcher and the beginner -- and their possible reactions to CD-ROM software.
Ex: As far as he was concerned the study of nonverbal communication was a pseudo-science, the work of dilettantes and other futile souls.
Ex: We do not regard such a thing as at all odd when hobbyists meet; rather, we encourage it.
Ex: However, most emergencies arise from water leakage and much can be done by the non-specialist to alleviate the damage.
Ex: His intriguing book will be of interest to both buffs and scholars.
Ex: Videodiscs can provide high capacity secondary storage and it is possible for the personal computer enthusiast to make use of a home video recorder in this way.
Ex: Garlic cloves continue to be used by aficionados as a remedy for digestive disorders and fungal infections such as thrush.
* aficionada a la vela = yachtswoman [yachtswomen, -pl.].
* aficionado a contemplar las estrellas = stargazer.
* aficionado a hacer punto = knitter.
* aficionado a la cerveza = beer lover.
* aficionado a la cocina = foodie [foody].
* aficionado a la cocina, sibarita, gourmet, gastrónomo, epicúreo = foodie [foody].
* aficionado a la historia = history buff.
* aficionado a la informática = computer buff.
* aficionado a la pesca = fishing-hobbyist.
* aficionado a la vela = yachtsman [yachtsmen, -pl.].
* aficionado al deporte = sports enthusiast.
* aficionado al fútbol = football supporter ; football fan.
* aficionado al teatro = theatre buff.
* aficionado al vino = wine lover.
* aficionado a mirar las estrellas = stargazer.
* aficionado a navegar = boater.
* aficionado a observar las estrellas = stargazer.
* aficionado a todo lo militar = military buff.
* ser aficionado a = be fond of.

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