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boss, leader, person in control; bigwig, important person; expert, specialist; best there is
bonnet; hood
castrate; geld

Abbreviation of Capotasto. Italian word. (Capo = at the beginning, Tasto = guitar finger board). A transposing device fixed across the strings to raise the pitch. Traditionally, its purpose is to pitch the guitar to a singers voice.



(v.) = castrate ; neuter ; sterilise [sterilize, -USA] ; wether ; emasculate ; geld.
Ex: Seven control and seven treated animals were castrated 56 days after the start of the experiment and the testes were examined histologically.
Ex: There are those, not usually librarians, who believe the library is so neutral as to be neutered, whereas others see it as not neutral enough.
Ex: Rwanda denies plan to forcibly sterilise people with learning difficulties.
Ex: Breeders with limited amounts of pasturage may find it necessary to wether the male kids in order prevent them from breeding the female goats.
Ex: So anything that curtails a man's freedom emasculates him.
Ex: John mules must be gelded or they will act and breed like a stallion.
(n.) = drug baron ; drug lord ; drug kingpin.
Ex: A millionaire murder suspect has expanded his property portfolio by snapping up a drug baron's house.
Ex: One of the most powerful Mexican drug lords of the 1990s has pleaded guilty today to racketeering.
Ex: Police have arrested a suspected drug kingpin blamed for the downing of a police helicopter in Rio de Janeiro in 2009.
* capo de la droga = drug baron ; drug lord ; drug kingpin.
(n.) = hood ; car hood ; bonnet.
Nota: Inglés británico.
Ex: He should be able to turn over to his mechanism, just as confidently as he turns over the propelling of his car to the intricate mechanism under the hood.
Ex: 'A Hospital Trip' is about Joe's stay in the hospital after he cuts his ankle on a sharp corner of a rusty old car hood and does not tell his mother about it in time to prevent infection.
Ex: To reduce the impact of cars on pedestrians some cars have been fitted with air bags on their bonnets.

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