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shut, close, move to a closed position; block, obstruct; lock, bolt; confine; cease operation, halt activity; zip

Even up

close, shut


to close

(v.) = close ; close down ; seal off ; shut down ; shut off ; zip ; fold ; fold up + shop ; close up ; shut ; close off.
Ex: The date due calculated by the circulation programs is always checked against the list of dates the library is closed to ensure that a document is not due when it cannot be returned.
Ex: In this case, however, summer vacation resulted in universities and other institutions closing down completely right in the middle of her stay.
Ex: In the case of vast and rapidly growing copyright libraries where the stock is sealed off from the public, specific classification is not worth the effort.
Ex: Cyberattacks involve routers acting at a predesignated time or trigger time and flooding various targeted Web sites with data -- effectively shutting down the Web site.
Ex: Advanced design sprinklers shut off water when the fire is out, reducing the risk of water damage.
Ex: The study investigated the use of a video to teach 3 self-help skills (cleaning sunglasses, putting on a wristwatch, and zipping a jacket) to 3 elementary students with mental disabilities.
Ex: By the mid-eighties, two of the big companies folded, but were replaced by a handful of small, independent firms = A mediados de los ochenta, dos de las grandes compañías quebraron, pero fueron sustituidas por un puñado de pequeñas empresas independientes.
Ex: Why talented and passionate business people so often fold up shop while their less talented, less skilled brethren continue to thrive.
Ex: Make sure to blow out the metal shavings before closing it up as they could wreak havoc on the components if left free to move about.
Ex: The Swiss operator of one of Europe's oldest commercial nuclear reactors has announced plans to shut the plant by 2022.
Ex: Subsequently, we found out that closing off that large area wasn't helping these two species and was unnecessarily affecting fishermen.
* cerrar atando = tie + Nombre + shut.
* cerrar con candado = padlock.
* cerrar con cierre metálico = shutter.
* cerrar con llave = lock.
* cerrar con tablas = board up.
* cerrar definitivamente = close down + operations ; close + Posesivo + doors.
* cerrar de golpe = slam.
* cerrar de un portazo = slam.
* cerrar el catálogo = close + the catalogue.
* cerrar el negocio = fold up + shop ; close up + shop.
* cerrar el pico = shut + Posesivo + gob ; shut up ; shut + Posesivo + mouth ; shut + Posesivo + face ; shut + the fuck up ; clam (up).
* cerrar filas = close + ranks.
* cerrar herméticamente = seal.
* cerrar la boca = shut + Posesivo + gob ; shut up ; shut + Posesivo + mouth ; shut + Posesivo + face ; shut + the fuck up ; clam (up).
* cerrar la marcha = bring up + the rear.
* cerrar la puerta de golpe = slam + a door.
* cerrar las escotillas = batten down + hatches.
* cerrar la sesión = sign off.
* cerrar los ojos = shut + Posesivo + eyes ; close + Posesivo + eyes.
* cerrar los postigos = shutter.
* cerrar muy bien = close + tight.
* cerrar un acuerdo = conclude + an agreement ; conclude + a deal.
* cerrar una ventana = switch off + a window.
* cerrar un negocio = go out of + business.
* cerrar un trato = close + a deal ; clinch + a deal.
* ¡cierra el pico! = put a sock in it!.
* ¡cierra el pico! = shut your mouth! ; shut your face!.
* ¡cierra la boca! = shut your mouth! ; shut your face!.
* en una abrir y cerrar de ojos = at the flick of a switch ; at the drop of a hat.
* en un abrir y cerrar de ojos = in a jiffy ; in the time it takes to flick a switch ; with the flick of a switch ; in a flash ; in no time at all ; in next to no time ; with the tip of a hat ; in and out in a flash ; in a heartbeat ; as quick as a wink ; in a trice ; in two shakes (of a lamb's tail) ; in the wink of an eye ; in two shakes (of a duck's tail) ; in two shakes (of a donkey's tail) ; in two licks.
* en un abrir y cerrar de ojos = in the blink of an eye ; in the twinkling of an eye ; in a snap.
* forzar a cerrar un Negocio = drive out of + business.
* obligar a cerrar el negocio = force out of + business ; force + Nombre + out of the marketplace.
* paréntesis que cierra = right parenthesis.
* que no cierra bien = leaky ; leaking.
* que puede volver a cerrarse herméticamente = resealable.
* que se cierra automáticamente mediante un muelle = spring-loaded.
* sin cerrar con llave = unlocked.
* un abrir y cerrar de ojos = a blink or two.
* volver a cerrar herméticamente = reseal.

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