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covering, coverage; hedge; screen





(n.) = breadth ; breadth and depth ; breadth of coverage ; coverage ; scope.
Ex: Legal bibliographies are prime research tools as they provide the breadth and background that might otherwise be unavailable.
Ex: Stock breadth and depth and reader groups must also be considered.
Ex: Factors assessed during the comparative study included pricing, timeliness, availability of catalogue copy, and breadth of coverage.
Ex: AACR1 is a weighty code, not because it contains extensive enumeration, but rather because of its comprehensive coverage.
Ex: Subject field definition arises from the scope of the information service or system that the indexing language is expected to serve.
* ampliar la cobertura = broaden + coverage ; broaden + the scope ; widen + the scope.
* cobertura amplia = broad scope.
* cobertura contra = hedge against.
* cobertura informativa = news coverage.
* cobertura mediática = media coverage.
* cobertura médica = medical cover.
* cobertura periodística = newspaper coverage ; press coverage ; media coverage.
* cobertura televisiva = television coverage.
* cobertura temática = subject scope ; subject coverage.
* exhaustividad de la cobertura = depth of coverage.
* fecha de cobertura = date of coverage.
* fondo de cobertura = hedge fund.
* fuera de cobertura = out of range.
* grado de cobertura = depth of coverage.
* nivel de cobertura = depth of coverage.
* período de cobertura = date of coverage ; period of coverage.
* solapamiento de cobertura = coverage overlap.
* solapamiento en la cobertura de las revistas = journal coverage overlap.

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