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Cuba, island country in the Caribbean Sea (south of Florida)



= Cuba.
Ex: As always, our members are ready to speak out clearly if the Cuban authorities dare to seize any of the uncensored books being sent to Cuba by President Carter.
* de Cuba = Cuban.
(n.) = vat ; trough ; tank.
Ex: The stuff was diluted there with water to the appearance and consistency of liquid porridge; it was kept tepid with a small charcoal furnace let into the side of the vat, and it was stirred up occasionally with a paddle.
Ex: The most common method is to expose the copy paper by passing it through a trough of developing fluid.
Ex: All air entering the building should be pumped through tanks of water to remove pollutants.
* borracho como una cuba = pissed as a newt ; drunk back ; blind drunk ; pissed to the gills ; pissed to the eyeballs ; pissed as a lord ; sloshed to the gills.
* más borracho que una cuba = as drunk as a lord ; as drunk as a newt ; as drunk as a skunk.
* tan borracho como una cuba = as drunk as a newt ; as drunk as a lord ; as drunk as a skunk.

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