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opened; exposed, uncovered; bareheaded
overdraft; deficit




(adj.) = uncovered ; identified.
Ex: A man who fell down an uncovered drain and was stuck for three hours today spoke of his ordeal.
Ex: Some identified risk factors that increase the chances of developing duodenum cancer are: diabetes and obesity, smoking, exposure to chemicals, genetic abnormalities and hereditary conditions, and duodenal ulcer.
* al descubierto = exposed ; wide open.
* con la cabeza descubierta = bareheaded.
* dejar al descubierto = lay + bare.
* girar al descubierto = overdraw.
* ojo descubierto = naked eye.
* poner Algo al descubierto = bring + Nombre + to the surface.
* poner Alguien al descubierto = blow + Posesivo + cover.
* recién descubierto = new found [new-found/newfound].
* recientemente descubierto = newly-discovered.
* salir al descubierto = break + cover ; come out in + the open.
(n.) = overdraft.
Ex: So I ended up overdrafting several times -- in the end, they were charging me 30 dollars each for overdrafts of less than ten dollars.
* girar al descubierto = overdraft.
* giro en descubierto = overdraft.
* tener un descubierto = overdraw.
(v.) = dig up ; discover ; find out ; unlock ; spy ; uncover ; unearth ; find ; come to + light ; unveil ; ferret out ; unfurl ; lay + bare ; tease + Nombre + apart ; bare ; suss (out) ; sniff out ; find + Nombre + out.
Ex: The list of changed headings is almost literally endless if you have the patience to dig them all up.
Ex: This, in turn, depends upon users and user interests, and it may be necessary to conduct a survey to discover or update the profile of user interests.
Ex: For example, a person can consult the system holdings files to find out whether a library in the network owns a copy of the document.
Ex: NTIS is a key partner in unlocking the world's technology.
Ex: She spied Asadorian in earnest converse with McSpadden.
Ex: It requires an extraordinarily astute librarian to uncover this shortcoming at the interview stage.
Ex: Librarians also provide some assistance with that most familiar and awkward-to-handle enquiry from library users concerning the possible value of Grandpa's old Bible or other old book unearthed in the attic during a clear-out.
Ex: His trial came up in July 1892 and by then the city accountant had found that over $9,000 had been misappropriated.
Ex: A further disquieting feature which came to light was the number of people who did not approach staff for help.
Ex: Here is an institution which knows, neither rank nor wealth within its walls, which stops the ignorant peer or the ignorant monarch at its threshold, and declines to unveil to him its treasures, or to waste time upon him, and yet welcomes the workman according to his knowledge or thirst for knowledge.
Ex: As a rule analysts are left on their own to ferret out useful and appropriate areas to be investigated.
Ex: This volume is in fact three books shuffled together under one luscious cover, unfurling as a fantasia on technique that explores, among other things, Mau's riffs on modernism.
Ex: The aim of this article is to lay bare the causes of this state of affairs.
Ex: The author and his colleagues embarked on a series of studies to tease apart hereditary and environmental factors thought to be implicated in schizophrenia.
Ex: The judge ruled that a magazine that published a photograph of a woman baring her breasts at a pig roast did not intrude on her privacy.
Ex: He was incredulous when he sussed that the noises came from bona-fide gibbons.
Ex: The researchers involved say that dogs have an uncanny ability to sniff out lung and breast cancer in its early stages of development.
Ex: It is a great relief to have found him out -- with a spy like him among us -- we would not last long against Colonel Kurzen.
* descubrir Algo = make + a discovery.
* descubrir el pastel = blow + the gaff ; spill + the beans ; let + the cat out of the bag ; let on.
* descubrir una mina de oro = strike + gold ; hit + the jackpot.
* descubrir un secreto = spill + the beans ; blow + the gaff ; let + the cat out of the bag.
* posibilidad de descubrir = discoverability.
* sin descubrir = undiscovered.
* volver a descubrir = rediscover.

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