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exercise, practice; drill; prosecution; test


exercise, practice


(n.) = exercise ; drill ; drill practice ; drill exercise ; tenure.
Nota: Período al frente de una organización.
Ex: As a concluding exercise, therefore, it would be helpful for you to try some examples of analysis and translation on your own.
Ex: An example of the type of drill which might be applied to the study of bibliographies is given below.
Ex: No reinforcement drill practice was given to the control group.
Ex: As drill exercises in writing, the writing of book reviews has little to commend it.
Ex: During his tenure, OSU was recognized for the high quality Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) program it developed in serving both students and faculty.
* causado por el ejercicio = exercise-induced.
* cuaderno de ejercicios = workbook [work-book].
* ejercicio abdominal = sit-up.
* ejercicio complementario = follow-up activity.
* ejercicio de calentamiento = warm-up ; warm-up exercise.
* ejercicio de comprensión = comprehension exercise.
* ejercicio económico = business year ; accounting year.
* ejercicio fiscal = tax year ; fiscal year ; business year ; accounting year ; financial year ; budget year.
* ejercicio físico = workout ; physical exercise ; exercise ; exercise training.
* ejercicio físico consistente en saltar sin desplazarse abriendo y cerrando l = jumping jack.
* ejercicio mental = mental gymnastics ; mental operation.
* ejercicio muscular = muscle exercise.
* ejercicio práctico = practical ; practical exercise ; hands-on exercise.
* ejercicios de clase = school tasks.
* ejercicio y práctica = drill and practice.
* en ejercicio = incumbent ; practising [practicing, -USA].
* fisiología del ejercicio = exercise physiology.
* hacer ejercicio = do + exercise.
* hacer ejercicio físico = work out.
* hacer ejercicios de calentamiento = limber up.
* inducido por el ejercicio = exercise-induced.
* instalación para el ejercicio físico = physical facility.
* instrucción mediante ejercicios = drilling.
* libro de ejercicios = workbook [work-book].
* programa de ejercicio físico = exercise programme.
* provocado por el ejercicio = exercise-induced.

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