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popular dance from the River Plate area

(SONG FORM) This song form originated in Argentina. Played in 4/4 time in A minor, it is similar in some ways to the Farruca, except that the falsetas are more lyrical. It has syncopations and a mood of controlled passion reminiscent of the Tientos. The compas is variable: sometimes free, sometimes well defined. The song modulates from minor to major at certain times and in places displays distinct rhythmic and melodic reflections of the Argentinean Tango.

(n.) = lie ; fib ; porky.
Ex: Just because the facts don't support his views, he threatens, slanders, lies, obfuscates and charges 'lies, hypocrisy and cruelty'.
Ex: Democracy's most acute failures tend to result from power brokers who tell big fibs about the distribution of power.
Ex: Why would he make up such porkies in order to make me look like some dangerous boy racer who deserved to get knocked off his bike?.
* deja de contar milongas = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).
* no me cuentes más milongas = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).

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