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Malaya, Malay Peninsula; Federation of Malaya, former federation in the southern Malay Peninsula; territory of Malaysia
Malay, of or pertaining to the people who inhabit the Malay Peninsula and nearby islands; of Malaysia, of the Malay Peninsula, of the Malay Archipelago, malayan
Malay, Malayan, member of a people inhabiting the Malay Peninsula and nearby islands

= Malaya.
Ex: The British in Malaya used education as a divisive factor to prolong their rule, while the Americans in the Philippines adopted a 'Philippines for the Filipinos' policy = Los británicos en Malaya usaron la educación como un factor divisorio para prolongar su dominio, mientras los americanos en las Filipinas adoptaron una política de "Las Filipinas para los filipinos".
(adj.) = Malay ; Malayan ; Malaysian.
Ex: There is a need for better rules on Malay and Chinese names.
Ex: This is a memorandum prepared by the Malayan Library Group.
Ex: Indians are now totally integrated into Malaysian society and have achieved upward social mobility as a result of government reforms in 1960s.
* MALMARC (MARC malayo) = MALMARC (Malaysian Machine Readable Cataloguing).

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