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bonus, premium, bounty
give priority; take precedence
cousin; dupe, sucker, mug



it prevails

(n.) = bonus [bonuses, -pl.].
Ex: Such posts were regarded as a welcome bonus over and above the traditional base market.
* prima de riesgo = risk premium.
* prima de seguro = insurance premium ; insurance rate.
* sistema de primas = bonus scheme.
* aportar materia prima para = provide + grist for + Posesivo + mill.
* información como materia prima, la = information commodity.
* materia prima = raw material ; staple diet ; raw goods ; feedstock ; primary raw material ; grist.
* mercado de materias primas, el = commodity market, the.
* prima donna = prima donna.
* prima facie = prima facie.
* ser la materia prima de = be grist to + Posesivo + mill.
(v.) = reward ; favour [favor, -USA] ; take + precedence (over) ; take + priority ; give + priority.
Ex: They admitted that they did not evaluate their technicians and aides, and confirmed that increases were automatic and the same 'across-the-board'; superior performance was not rewarded, nor inferior performance punished.
Ex: Current trends favour cataloguing practices which can be applied to a variety of library materials.
Ex: Single holds take precedence over title holds.
Ex: Other objectives (e.g., getting rid of a backlog that may have accrued or reclassifying the already classified collection) may take priority with some staff members.
Ex: Single parents are given priority in applying for help and divorced women automatically receive maintenance from the local authority who then claim it from the husband.
* primar (sobre) = have + priority (over).
(n.) = cousin.
Ex: The article carries the title 'Rich aunt or poor cousin? Policy dilemmas for publicly funded libraries'.
* primo carnal = first cousin.
* primo entre pares = primus inter pares.
* primo hermano = first cousin.
* primo lejano = distant cousin.
* primo político = cousin by marriage ; Posesivo + wife's cousin ; Posesivo + husband's cousin.
* primo segundo = second cousin.
(n.) = dupe ; patsy ; sucker.
Ex: He is gullible, not very bright, the ready dupe of the charlatan and the demagogue.
Ex: When the security services carry out acts of terror, they employ patsies who often are petty criminals or people who are mentally backward or mentally unstable.
Ex: Americans are such suckers, being taken over by foreigners and their children and won't even put up a fight.

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