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proposal, proffer; approach; overture; nomination
besought, proposed





(n.) = proposal ; proposition ; submission ; nomination ; tender.
Ex: The first of these proposals was to abandon our traditional main entry, involving the determination of the person or corporate body principally responsible for the work, and to use instead a title-unit entry.
Ex: They are a core, a set of basic propositions, onto which are grafted a rich variety of other possibilities.
Ex: Most commercial abstracting services rely upon the refereeing procedure applied to the original document in order to eliminate insignificant and inaccurate submissions.
Ex: This article uses a content analysis of Ronald Reagan's comments concerning the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court to illustrate potential problems arising from a lack of established guidelines.
Ex: Following the issue of a letter of intent to major bodybuilders, the tender was drawn up requiring tenderers to submit a breakdown of costs.
* aprobar una propuesta = pass + proposal ; pass + proposition.
* formular una propuesta = formulate + proposal.
* hacer una propuesta = bring forth + a proposal ; make + proposal.
* informe de propuestas = proposals report.
* persona que apoya una moción o propuesta = seconder.
* presentar una propuesta = submit + proposal.
* propuesta comercial = business proposition.
* propuesta de matrimonio = marriage proposal.
* propuesta de negocios = business proposition.
* propuesta de proyecto = project proposal.
* propuesta de proyecto de investigación = research proposal.
* propuesta de trabajo = project proposal.
* propuesta + hacerse realidad = proposal + materialise.
* retirar una propuesta = withdraw + proposal.
(v.) = argue ; come up with ; propose ; propound ; put forth ; put forward ; nominate ; advance ; bring forward.
Ex: Cutter argued that when it could be established that the second term was definitely more significant then inversion of headings was acceptable.
Ex: Derfer corroborated her: 'I'd be very proud of you if you could come up with the means to draft a model collection development policy'.
Ex: The Research Libraries Group (RLG) and the Library of Congress are proposing a joint pilot project to investigate methods of allowing RLG direct online access to the MARC Master File.
Ex: Few who were present will forget the now classic confrontation between Professor Lubetzky and Frederick Kilgour of OCLC, who propounded the perspective of new cataloging technology.
Ex: Relevant cultural policy issues are explored, and recommendations are put forth for enhancing Canadian cultural sovereignty through book publishing.
Ex: One of the key recommendations put forward in the programme was the confirmation of the responsibility of the national bibliographic agency for establishing the authoritative form of name for its country's.
Ex: Until 1979, Members of the European Parliament were nominated by their national parliaments but in June of that year the first elections by universal suffrage were held in each of the nine member states.
Ex: The heading 'Sugar Cane: Harvesters' shows the citation order advanced by Coates.
Ex: They also intend to bring forward legislation to provide that the maximum amount of compensation should be £500,000.
* el hombre propone y Dios dispone = Man proposes, God disposes.
* proponer a discusión = moot.
* proponer a un candidato = nominate + candidate.
* proponer como principio = posit.
* proponer el matrimonio = propose + marriage.
* proponer matrimonio = pop + the question.
* proponer medidas = propose + measures.
* proponerse = put + Posesivo + mind to.
* proponerse hacer = set out to + do.
* proponerse + Infinitivo = set out to + Infinitivo.
* proponer una idea = advance + a proposition ; advance + an idea ; put forward + idea.
* proponer una moción = propose + a motion.
* proponer una oferta = propose + an offer.
* proponer una teoría = advance + a theory.
* proponer un plan = come up with + a plan.
(adj.) = proposed.
Ex: This article discusses the organisation of the proposed Open Polytechnic and the contribution of the Robert Maxwell publishing empire, as well as its implications for library resources.
* descriptor propuesto = candidate descriptor.
* estar propuesto a = be intent on.
* haberse propuesto = be intent on.

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