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add; append, annex; incorporate; increase; extol; overstate


to add to add

(v.) = add ; add on ; append ; attach ; chirp in ; amplify ; plug into ; add to + the mix ; spike ; lace with.
Nota: Generalmente añadir alcohol a una bebida.
Ex: An annotation is a note added to the title and/or other bibliographic information concerning a document, by way of comment or explanation.
Ex: These new course programmes will add on desirable new skills to those they already possess to fit students for employment in the information market place.
Ex: A list of book review sources in psychology and related fields is appended.
Ex: In fixed location notation was physically attached to certain places on the shelves and books were always filed in the same place.
Ex: 'Even friends and relatives!' Lehmann chirped in.
Ex: The director amplified: 'The personal touch would probably take some sting out of the layoff, but if I did it this way I could avoid involved discussions'.
Ex: In addition, when the heuristic approach is plugged into this interchange, the many additional facets of human personality and experience transform the exchange.
Ex: Internal satisfaction is the goal, but external rewards can successfully contribute to this satisfaction when added to the mix.
Ex: The toxins were also spiked and measured in a variety of food samples, including canned tomatoes, sweet corn, green beans, mushrooms, and tuna.
Ex: A common defence of drivers against disqualification from driving for having a high blood alcohol level is to claim that they had unwittingly consumed a drink laced with added spirits.
* añádase como = expand like.
* añadir como algo secundario = tack on.
* añadir datos = make + additions.
* añadir entradas = make + additions.
* añadir flúor = fluoridate.
* añadir + Nombre + según el gusto = add + Nombre + to taste.
* añadirse a = accrue to.
* añadir una nueva dimensión = add + new dimension.
* añadir valor = add + value.
* añadir valor, dar valor, poner en valor = add + value.
* instrucción de "añádase a" = add to instruction.
* programa que se añade = add-on pack.

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