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in contradistinction to

" in contradistinction to (general); in contrast to (general); in contrast with (general)"

= apart from ; as opposed to ; in contradistinction to ; as contrasted with ; in contrast (to/with) ; quite apart from ; in sharp contrast (with) ; counter to.
Ex: Apart from the names of subjects, the names of corporate bodies, persons, chemicals, trade products, and trade names are some other possibilities. Ex: This command types the information immediately at the user's terminal, as opposed to the PRINT command generating offline prints which are subsequently mailed to the user. Ex: The intent is to create a mechanism which recognizes the needs of the reader, in contradistinction to simplifying clerical procedures within the cataloging department. Ex: An art original is the original two- or three-dimensional work of art (other than an art print or a photograph) created by the artist, eg., a painting, drawing, or sculpture, as contrasted with a reproduction of it. Ex: The overall plan of the library is to provide an atmosphere of spaciousness and calm, in contrast to the urban bustle outside = El proyecto general de la biblioteca es ofrecer un ambiente de amplitud y calma, en contraste con el bullicio urbano exterior. Ex: Quite apart from a completely new vocabulary, the whole mystique of computers is still a source of bewilderment. Ex: The archives of mediaeval universities are sparse and fragmented, in sharp contrast with the fact that these institutions were among the most regulated, structured and stable of their time. Ex: But counter to some other industry watchers, the firm now thinks there won't be a big rebound in 2013.

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