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for all, in spite of, despite


albeit (despite)

= in the teeth of.
Ex: They remain a people who cling to their distinct identity in the teeth of persistent rejection. = albeit (that) ; despite ; in spite of ; notwithstanding ; although ; despite the fact that ; in spite of the fact that.
Ex: Present, classical catalog designs are elaborations, albeit considerable elaborations, of these sixteenth-century developments. Ex: The scheme covers all knowledge, despite being special in purpose. Ex: In spite of its inherent conservatism, the BM code favours direct entry. Ex: Notwithstanding these activities, the printed word remains an essential vehicle for transmitting information to both specialized and general audiences. Ex: These are the strengths of the Journal of Common Market Studies, although even this journal has a wider remit than its title suggest. Ex: Strangely enough, despite the fact that he was buddies with Henry Kissinger at Harvard, he is registered as a member of the Democratic Party. Ex: In spite of the fact that the investigation of the relationship of these two factors would be very important, there is still hardly any research done on this topic.

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