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guarantee; payment; deposit; subscription; fertilizer; manure


(n.) = fertiliser [fertilizer, -USA].
Ex: The U.N.'s many agencies offer over 1000 titles annually on subjects as varied as women's rights, basic accounting and fertilizers.
* abono orgánico = compost.
* abono orgánico para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* abono químico = chemical fertiliser.
* abono vegetal = compost.
* abono vegetal para macetas = potting compost ; potting soil.
* hacer abono orgánico = compost.
(n.) = credit ; season ticket ; book of tickets ; ticket book ; season pass.
Ex: Orders placed with a vendor as well as any credit or debit notes for the vendor are displayed by entering the number '9'.
Ex: In time, it could even portend a new trend in how season tickets are sold, across a spectrum of various sports.
Ex: These books of tickets are transferable and can therefore be shared with family, friends, colleagues, and guests.
Ex: Best of all, the ticket books are sold at a discount!.
Ex: Our season passes give you more of what you want: more fun, more thrills, and more savings.
* abono de autobús = bus pass.
* abono de temporada = season ticket ; season pass.
* abono de tren = rail pass.
* nota de abono = debit note.

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