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the Absolute
absolute, utter, complete; infinite; perfect; unquestioned


(adj.) = absolute ; unrelieved ; overriding ; sublime ; out-and-out ; hard and fast ; ironclad [iron-clad] ; unmitigaged.
Ex: It's already difficult to find a lot of these things as it is, but it would be absolute irresponsibility to go to a title-main entry.
Ex: Although the slave narratives were usually intended to serve in the cause of abolition, not all of them were bitter, unrelieved tirades against the institution of slavery, but rather there were frequently moments of relieving laughter.
Ex: Consequently, the overriding demand made by the academic community is bibliographical in nature.
Ex: When she said 'That's no way to speak about a patron, Mike,' he turned on her a look of sublime unconcern.
Ex: Such an appraoch is unlikely to improve the social sciences unless valid informaton can first be distinguished from out-and-out incorrect information.
Ex: There is no hard and fast answer to this question.
Ex: A review of the research shows that there are no clear and ironclad answers.
Ex: Only Bush could take a horrible situation and create an unmitigated disaster.
* correspondencia absoluta = perfect match.
* en absoluto = at all ; in the slightest ; whatsoever ; not at all ; in any shape or form ; in the least ; not in the least + Nombre Negativo ; never for a minute ; the least bit.
* éxito absoluto = award-winning success.
* mayoría absoluta = absolute majority ; overall majority.
* miseria absoluta = grinding misery.
* miseria más absoluta = abject poverty.
* nada en absoluto = not at all ; nothing whatsoever.
* no conocer a Alguien en absoluto = not know + Pronombre + from Adam.
* no estar claro en absoluto = be far from clear.
* no hacer falta en absoluto = need + Nombre + like a hole in the head.
* no importar en absoluto = have + no qualms about.
* no necesitar en absoluto = need + Nombre + like a hole in the head.
* norma absoluta = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.
* no tener (ni) absoluta idea = have + absolutely no idea.
* o nada en absoluto = if at all.
* oscuridad absoluta = pitch darkness ; pitch blackness.
* parlamento sin mayoría absoluta = hung parliament.
* regla absoluta = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.

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