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grandpa (Informal); grandfather (Mexico)
grandfather; grandparent; ancestor, forefather, progenitor


(n.) = granddaddy ; gran(d)dad ; Grampa ; granpa ; grandpa.
Ex: Their granddaddy hated black people, and so did their cousins and their friends and neighbors -- ignorance breeds bigotry and bigotry can be dangerous.
Ex: This tool enables people to click on the type of person they're having difficulty in choosing a gift for (e.g. mum, dad, granddad, grandma etc) and provides a selection of the most popular present for that person.
Ex: Gramma and Grampa were so enchanted with the park that we decided to just do the nature trail, which turned out to be about a mile and a half trek around the park.
Ex: Christmas was especially festive with granma and granpa here to share it.
Ex: Librarians also provide some assistance with that most familiar and awkward-to-handle enquiry from library users concerning the possible value of Grandpa's old Bible or other old book unearthed in the attic during a clear-out.

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