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accepted; admitted; granted
accept, receive; consent, agree; take on, deal with; admit; honor; face
consent; accept



(adj.) = approved.
Ex: Most of this software takes the form of content filtering software, but there are some applications that are based on the idea of 'selection' of approved Web sites.
* aceptado internacionalmente = internationally accepted.
* aceptado por Ghandi = Gandhi-endorsed.
* aceptado por todos = widely accepted.
* ampliamente aceptado = widely accepted.
* bien aceptado = well-accepted.
* encabezamiento no aceptado = unestablished heading.
* fuera de las normas comúnmente aceptadas = beyond the pale.
* popularmente aceptado = popularly held.
* ser completamente aceptado = be thoroughly accepted.
(v.) = accept ; acknowledge ; fall in with ; go along with ; subscribe (to) ; take (in/into) ; welcome ; give + acceptance ; take up ; come to + terms with ; embrace ; put + Nombre + to bed ; countenance ; take on/upon ; be game ; spring for ; agree to ; open + Posesivo + mind up to ; come (a)round ; put it + to rest ; take on + board ; take on + board ; fall into + line ; say + yes to.
Ex: Personal authorship has been accepted for some time, and indeed reflects the scholarly practice of the western world.
Ex: In acknowledging these principles, Sears' is consistent with traditional ideas on the construction of alphabetical subject catalogues.
Ex: Stanton fell in with the suggestion readily.
Ex: The same thing happended in the case of the British refusal to go along with the American compromises in the last revision.
Ex: As regards abbreviations, and the extent to which they are used, most citation standards subscribe to the use of abbreviations.
Ex: For example, a computer on board a space ship, o even in some cars, takes in data, works out settings, displays results completely automatically.
Ex: The decision to revert to standard spelling must have been widely welcomed in countries where DC is used but English is not the native language.
Ex: Even in 1678 this usage of the word 'bibliography' was hardly given full acceptance.
Ex: Wove paper, which was slightly more difficult to make than laid, was very slow to be taken up by the trade.
Ex: Much of the conventional wisdom of librarianship is going to have to undergo what is so aptly described as an 'agonizing reappraisal' before we can come to terms with the new information age.
Ex: The library community is now ready to embrace the most revolutionary technology for libraries -- CD-ROM.
Ex: At the session on Sunday 15th, it was agreed to put to bed the non-controversial items = En la sesión del domingo día 15 se acordó dar por concluidos los puntos que no eran polémicos.
Ex: Unfortunately, in the field of reference work advocates of such professional independence of judgement must by implication be prepared to countenance differential service to the user.
Ex: If we decide to take on making up a subject file there'd be a lot of footwork even if we use that list as a basis = Si decidimos aceptar crear un fichero ordenado por materias habría mucho trabajo incluso si usamos esta lista como base.
Ex: Many of our group are financially strapped, and that presents a problem but I'm game.
Ex: If I decide to spring for this I'll let you in on what I find out.
Ex: In this case, the librarian 'reluctantly agreed to change the heading to 'Sexual Orientation' in anticipation of Library Board disapproval' = En este caso, el bibliotecario "accedió de mala gana a cambiarlo a 'Orientación Sexual' previendo el rechazo por parte de la Comisión de la Biblioteca".
Ex: Ellyse has slowly solidified her game by knocking the rough edges off and by opening her mind up to what's required and what's available.
Ex: Although he does not support our organization today, we think he will eventually come around.
Ex: Until you have put it to rest, you can't move forward in another relationship.
Ex: It's not often that I take on board the views of the execrable Katrina Heuvel, but sometimes she inadvertently puts things in a highly useful perspective.
Ex: She is English, highly skilled and very experienced, so much so that we decided to take her on board as a full-time employee.
Ex: One by one they fell into line, leaving the Czech Republic and Britain as the only non-signatories.
Ex: Thirty-two years ago I said yes to a job opportunity in a state I'd never laid eyes on.
* aceptar Algo = take (+ Nombre) + on board (+ Nombre).
* aceptar Algo sin protestar = take + Nombre + lying down.
* aceptar Algo sin rechistar = take + Nombre + lying down.
* aceptar el cambio = embrace + change.
* aceptar incondicionalmente = accept + whole-heartedly.
* aceptar la responsabilidad = assume + responsibilitiy (for).
* aceptar las circunstancias = accept + the circumstances.
* aceptar las condiciones = agree + terms.
* aceptar las cosas como vienen = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
* aceptar la situación = accept + situation.
* aceptar lo inevitable = accept + the inevitable.
* aceptar los términos de un acuerdo = enter into + agreement.
* aceptar tal cual = take + Nombre + at face value ; accept + Nombre + at face value.
* aceptar tanto lo bueno como lo malo = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
* aceptar una decisión = accept + a decision.
* aceptar una idea = accept + a notion ; deal with + concept ; come (a)round to + an idea.
* aceptar una invitación = accept + an invitation.
* aceptar una tarea = take on + task.
* aceptar una tarjeta de crédito = honour + a credit card.
* aceptar un cambio = accommodate + change.
* aceptar un desafío = throw down + the gauntlet.
* aceptar un reto = throw down + the gauntlet ; call + Posesivo + bluff ; throw + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring.
* creencia generalmente aceptada = conventional wisdom.
* difícil de aceptar = hard to swallow.
* haber sido aceptado = be here to stay ; have come + to stay.
* hacer aceptar a la fuerza = ram + Nombre + down + Posesivo + throat ; force + Nombre + down + Posesivo + throat.
* negarse a aceptar = disavow.
* no aceptar = disavow.
* no aceptar un no por respuesta = not take + no for an answer.
* no dudar en aceptar una oferta = bite + Posesivo + hand off ; snatch + an offer.
* opinión generalmente acepta = conventional wisdom.
* resignarse y aceptar = bite + the bullet.
* seguir trabajando aceptando una limitación = work (a)round + limitation.
* seguir trabajando aceptando un defecto = work (a)round + shortcoming.
* ser aceptado = gain + acceptance.
* ser un hecho ampliamente aceptado = it + be + widely agreed.

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