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rinse; clear, clarify; explain; brighten; illuminate; thin, dilute

(v.) = clarify ; elucidate ; qualify ; sort out ; shed + light (on/upon) ; throw + light on ; make + the point that ; spell out ; explicate ; make + explicit ; clear up ; shed + understanding ; cast + light on ; bring + clarity (to) ; get to + the bottom of ; unravel ; get to + the root of ; set + straight.
Ex: The examples above should serve also to clarify the relationship between the authority entry and the reference entry.
Ex: An abstract may also serve to elucidate an unclear title.
Ex: Common facets may be listed anywhere in the schedule order, because they are facets that, although only listed once can be applied anywhere in the citation order, as required to qualify the concept to which they apply.
Ex: It is true that assignments were being heaped upon him with immense rapidity, but he would be able to sort them out and contrive solutions.
Ex: This article aims to cover tools that shed light on what the stakes might be in getting involved with CD-ROM technology = Este artículo intenta analizar las herramientas que nos aclaren cuáles podrían ser los riesgos de involucrarse con la tecnología del CD-ROM.
Ex: It may be that a study of such associations might throw further light on the kinds of relationship we need to cater for in our index vocabularies.
Ex: However, they do make the very important point that the notation is not an essential part of the scheme.
Ex: Certain obligations of public and university libraries and publicly supported library networks often are also spelled out in statutory form.
Ex: Sometime around the turn of the century the American library community decided against continuing its analysis of the periodical literature that we find so well explicated in the printed catalogs of Enoch Pratt and other major libraries at that time.
Ex: The author stresses the need to distinguish between fact and opinion and to make explicit all sorts of assumptions and vaguenesses that tend to cloud the view.
Ex: What they will not do is clear up the foggy area in most cataloguers' minds, the area that leads to an inconsistent application of half-understood principles'.
Ex: The author aims to shed a little understanding on the general nature of archives in order to expose certain misconceptions.
Ex: The results cast light on the changing nature of information handling in the new environment.
Ex: A woman suspected to have lost her virginity is made to undergo a series of medical examinations to bring clarity to her situation.
Ex: He does not always get to the bottom of the questions raised in this ambitious study.
Ex: Patents abstracting is a special skill, involving not only a technical knowledge, but also a facility for unravelling the special legalistic jargon in which patents abound.
Ex: One of them snipped Ben Kline's life short, and Marla's determined to get to the root of a case that's anything but cut and dried.
Ex: The following are some myths your employees may hold about electricity that you should set them straight on.
* aclarar el sentido = clarify + meaning.
* aclarar las cosas = set + the record straight ; clear + things up ; get to + the bottom of things ; put + the record straight.
* aclarar las dudas = clear up + Posesivo + doubts.
* aclarar las ideas de Uno = clarify + Posesivo + mind.
* aclarar lo que sucedió = get + Posesivo + story straight ; get + Posesivo + story right.
* aclarar los detalles = work out + the details.
* aclarar lo sucedido = get + Posesivo + story straight ; get + Posesivo + story right.
* aclarar + Posesivo + duda = clear up + Posesivo + query.
* aclarar + Posesivo + nombre = clear + Posesivo + name.
* aclararse = become + apparent ; get + Posesivo + story straight ; get + Posesivo + story right ; fall into/in + place.
* aclararse la cabeza = clear + Posesivo + head.
* aclararse las ideas = get + Posesivo + act together.
* aclarar una confusión = unravel + snarl.
* aclarar una cuestión = clarify + matter ; clarify + an issue.
* aclarar una idea = set + the record straight ; put + the record straight.
* aclarar una noción = set + the record straight ; put + the record straight.
* aclarar un asunto = clarify + matter.
* aclarar un concepto = clarify + idea ; clarify + concept.
* aclarar un malentendido = clear up + misunderstanding.
* aclarar un misterio = unravel + a mystery ; solve + a mystery ; crack + a mystery.
* aclarar un objetivo = clarify + objective.
* aclarar un problema = clear up + a problem.
* aclarar un punto = clarify + point.
(v.) = rinse ; rinse off ; dilute.
Ex: After treatment with NM2P a drawing is rinsed several times with acetone.
Ex: The only thing that rinsing off baby carrots will do is remove any dirt that might be on the surface -- it won't wash away any bacteria.
Ex: I believe that delving into social work dilutes the library's effectiveness.
* aclarar el pelo = lighten + Posesivo + hair.
* tiempo + aclararse = weather + clear.

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