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advise, counsel; suggest; admonish

advise, counsel

to advise

(v.) = counsel ; give + guidance ; provide + advice ; provide + guidance ; give + advice (on) ; advise ; give + Nombre + a piece of advice.
Ex: For example, ALA 5A counsels that collections should be entered under the compiler or editor, individual or corporate.
Ex: Rules in AACR2 give guidance on how to make this choice, or in other words, how to identify who is chiefly responsible.
Ex: Its purpose is to provide advice and on-site salvage assistance to those organisations having documentary resources that are damaged in a natural or man-made disaster.
Ex: There are standards which provide guidance on the construction of thesauri.
Ex: She also gives valuable advice on distinguishing between the Lost Sheep and Confidence Personified.
Ex: This article advises readers on choosing spy and crime fiction.
Ex: She's pretty undecided upon what would fit best so you must take a look at her clothes and accessories and give her a piece of advice.

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