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turn in, go to bed; lie down; have sexual relations

go to bed

to go to bed

(v.) = go to + bed ; retire + at night ; lie down ; bunk down ; hit + the sack ; hit + the hay ; bed down.
Ex: Meanwhile the journeymen, who had just gone to bed, hearing the row quickly got up again, came downstairs and then shoved me out of the door. Ex: Modern man is beset by many types of noise each day from the time he wakes until he retires at night. Ex: They stopped or lay down or wallowed frequently just before the crossing point on the river. Ex: The main focus of the camp is to allow dogs to socialize, exercise and have a comfy place to bunk down at night. Ex: These pants pants are perfect for lazy mornings around the house or having a late night sandwich before hitting the sack. Ex: Anyone jog at night before hitting the hay -- is it good for sleep or you become too awake?. Ex: One reason dogs turn around three times before bedding down is because that's what feels right instinctively. (v.) = put + Nombre + to bed.
Ex: To keep a horse in top shape, you should put it to bed no later than 10 pm.
* acostar a Alguien = tuck + Nombre + into bed ; tuck + Nombre + in for the night ; tuck + Nombre + in.
* acostarse = go to + bed ; retire + at night ; lie down ; bunk down ; hit + the sack ; hit + the hay ; bed down.
* acostarse boca abajo = lie on + Posesivo + stomach.
* acostarse boca arriba = lie on + Posesivo + back.
* acostarse con cualquiera = sleep around ; have the morals of an alley cat (and the scruples of a snake).
* acostarse de espaldas = lie on + Posesivo + back.
* acostarse hasta recuperarse de Algo = sleep it off.
* acostarse pronto = go to + bed soon.
* acostarse tarde = have + a late night ; stay up + late.
* acostarse temprano = have + an early night ; go to + bed early.
* acuéstate con niños y amanecerás meado = lie down with dogs and you get fleas.
* a la hora de acostarse = at bedtime.
* antes de acostarse = before bed.
* hora de acostarse = bedtime.

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