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accustom, inure; habituate; season, acclimatize

treat, cherish, nurse, soigne, tend

to accustom

(v.) = accustom ; wean ; acclimatise [acclimatize, -USA].
Ex: To the critics of Panizzi, accustomed to the simplicity of the finding catalog, 'the whole volume' represented 'a magnificent mistake'.
Ex: Classes which are not accustomed to the practice of silent reading will need weaning.
Ex: Listening to stories, poems, nursery rhymes, nonsense, while occupied with a loved adult in a comforting activity, acclimatizes the infant to the rhythms of prose and poetry.
* acostumbrar a = wean + Nombre + on.
* acostumbrarse = become + adept ; inure.
* acostumbrarse a = get + a feel for ; live with ; get used to.
* acostumbrarse a las cosas = get (back) into + the swings of things ; things + grow on + Pronombre.
* acostumbrarse a manejar Algo = get + the hang of.
* acostumbrarse a no sentir = become hardened to.
* acostumbrarse a una idea = get used to + idea ; deal with + concept.
(v.) = become + adept ; inure.
Ex: Worse still, some EC countries, particularly in a period of world economic recession, become adept at bending the Community's rules to suit their own purposes. Ex: It is believed that children, no matter when they were born, can never become inured to the death of a parent.

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