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good-bye, bye bye, farewell
goodbye, farewell, adieu

parting, farewell adieu, farewell, bye, goodbye

good-bye good-bye

= bye-bye ; goodbye [good-bye] ; bye for now ; ta-ta.
Ex: Tay Gosling wrote an article about public lending right entitled 'Bye-bye, wilderness: hello, high-tech'.
Ex: The article 'Books -- is it goodbye?' shows that while there was a sharp increase in fiction in Finland after the 2nd World War, the amount of fiction is now beginning to decline.
Ex: 'Bye for now,' he said with a smile.
Ex: 'Ta-ta,' she said leaving = "Adiós," dijo yéndose .
* decir adiós = bid + Nombre + goodbye ; bid + adieu ; kiss + Nombre + goodbye ; bid + Posesivo + farewell ; wave + a bye ; say + Posesivo + farewell ; wave + Nombre + off.
* decir adiós (a) = say + goodbye (to).
* decir adiós al pasado = bid + farewell + to the past.
* decir adiós con la mano = wave + goodbye.
* decir adiós con un gesto = signal + goodbye.
* TTFN (Adiós por Ahora) = TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).

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