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guess; divine; flabbergast


(v.) = divine ; guess ; outguess ; second-guess [secondguess].
Ex: The catalog user is perhaps not quite so amused by his/her inability to divine why it's not GALERIE MIKRO BERLIN, but BERLIN, MUSEUM FUR VOLKERKUNDE (WEST BERLIN).
Ex: Do not use your first name, last name, or initials as a password, since this information is easily guessed by an unauthorized person.
Ex: Four years of attempting to catalog everything in a depository collection taught me that it was easier to do all the original cataloging than to try to outguess the rules used previously.
Ex: This does not imply that the abstractor becomes a publication referee, trying to second-guess decisions already made by editors.
* adivinar el futuro = fortune telling.
* adivinar el pensamiento = read + Posesivo + mind ; read + Posesivo + thoughts.
* aventurarse a adivinar sobre = hazard + a guess at.

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