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acquisition, act of acquiring; purchase

purchase acquisition, acquirement


(n.) = accession ; acquisition ; acquisition ; procurement ; purchase ; elicitation ; buy-in ; getting.
Ex: Subject to local circumstances, the size of a reserve store should be limited to the accommodation required for about five years' accessions at current rates.
Ex: Almost inevitably then, many libraries will have acquisitions for which records are not available in a centralised cataloguing service.
Ex: Mergers and acquisitions are playing an increasing important part in corporate strategies, stimulated by the scramble for market position in the new Europe.
Ex: In 1983 the EC funded contracts which entailed the procurement of goods and services amounting to 400 million pounds.
Ex: These details are primarily useful as a record of expenditure or to organisations or individuals contemplating the purchase of a work.
Ex: Procedures of knowledge elicitation are described.
Ex: The seminar will deal with the processes of developing and ensuring corporate buy-in to a digital preservation policy.
Ex: I am an associate director for collections development, and my responsibilities relate to the getting and keeping of collections = Soy subdirector encargado del desarrollo de la colección y mis responsabilidades están relaconadas con la adquisición y mantenimiento de las colecciones.
* adquisición cooperativa = cooperative acquisition.
* adquisición de destrezas = skill-building.
* adquisición de libros = book supply ; book purchasing.
* adquisición en línea = online acquisition.
* adquisición gratuita = free acquisition.
* adquisición pendiente de examen y aceptación = on approval acquisition ; sending on approbation ; sending on approval.
* adquisición por compra o intercambio = non-gratuitous acquisition.
* adquisición por legado = bequest acquisition.
* adquisición por ordenador = computerised acquisition.
* área del número normalizado y de las condiciones de adquisición = International Standard Book Number and terms of availability area ; standard number and terms of availability area.
* Asociación Nacional para Adquisiciones (NAG) = National Acquisitions Group (NAG).
* basado en la adquisición de contenidos teóricos = content based.
* bibliotecario encargado de las adquisiciones = acquisitions librarian.
* centro de adquisiciones = acquisition centre.
* condiciones de adquisición = obtainability conditions.
* condiciones de adquisición y = terms of availability and/or price.
* control de adquisiciones = acquisition control.
* departamento de adquisiciones = acquisitions department.
* fichero de adquisiciones = acquisition(s) file.
* lista de nuevas adquisiciones = acquisitions list.
* lista de últimas adquisiciones = accessions list ; list of current acquisitions ; addition list.
* módulo de adquisiciones = acquisitions system ; acquisitions module.
* Módulo de Adquisiciones y Pedidos = Acquisitions and Ordering System.
* número de adquisiciones = acquisition rate.
* plan de adquisición de material a vista = approval plan.
* plan de adquisiciones = acquisitions plan.
* política de adquisiciones = acquisition policy [acquisitions policy] ; collection development [collections development] ; selection policy ; collection policy.
* presupuesto de adquisiciones = acquisitions budget.
* presupuesto para adquisición de material = capital budget.
* Programa Nacional para las Adquisiciones y la Catalogación (NPAC) = National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging (NPAC).
* sección de adquisiciones = acquisitions department ; order department.
* servicio de adquisiciones = acquisition routines ; acquisition(s) service.

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