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adult, grown-up

adult, grown, grown up, adultly



(n.) = adult.
Ex: Those alternatives call for the tapping of new pools of potential students: high school graduates who are nonattenders; college dropouts; transfer students from two-year colleges; adults.
* alfabetización de adultos = adult literacy ; adult literacy teaching.
* bajo la supervisión de adultos = under adult supervision.
* bajo la supervisión de un adulto = under adult supervision.
* centro de educación de adultos = adult learning centre ; adult learner centre ; adult education centre.
* cine para adultos = adult cinema.
* clase de educación de adultos = adult learning class ; adult learner class.
* con aspecto de adulto = adult-looking.
* educación de adultos = adult education ; literacy tutoring.
* ficción para adultos = adult fiction.
* literatura para adultos = adult literature ; adult fiction.
* material de lectura para adultos = adult reading matter.
* material para adultos = adult materials.
* mentalidad de adulto = adult mentality.
* película para adultos = X-rated film ; adult film ; adult movie.
* programa de adultos = adult programme.
* programa de alfabetización de adultos = adult literacy programme.
* sección de adultos = adult section ; adult services ; adult department ; adult services section.
* sólo para adultos = X-rated.
(adj.) = grown-up ; fully-grown ; adult.
Ex: The term 'andragogy' derives from the Greek 'andros' meaning 'adult or grown-up' and 'agogos' meaning one who leads.
Ex: The age at which a dog is fully-grown is dependent on the dog's breed and the size of the dog.
Ex: Grandmothers seemed more protective of their own adult adoptive children than of the grandchildren.
* célula madre adulta = adult stem cell.
* edad adulta = adulthood.
* estudiante adulto = mature student ; adult student.
* insecto adulto = imago.
* público adulto = adult audience.

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