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grasp, seize; grip; take root (Botany); get drunk, get sloshed; get; take; stock up; (vulgar) have sex with (Caribbean); understand, grapple (Central America, Caribbean and Mexico)

gripe, griping, seize, take

catch, to

(v.) = grip ; bust ; grab ; grasp ; take + hold of ; nab ; clasp ; clench.
Ex: The entrance door should be automatic or with a handle easy to grip.
Ex: On Saturday, a trooper stood on a street corner dressed in plain clothes and helped bust 30 people for not wearing their seat belts.
Ex: If we move fast, we can grab the space for the library.
Ex: A mouse is commonly moved or lifted from its cage by grasping the base of the tail.
Ex: They waited with baneful patience, ready to take hold of him the moment he relaxed his vigilance.
Ex: So over the weekend I managed to nab 30 of them using a butterfly net, and then crushed each using my boot.
Ex: She clasped her hands behind her back and looked down at her feet, allowing her hair to completely cover her face.
Ex: Basically my jaw clicks when opened wide and at night I clench it causing irritation to my nerves that go to my brain, hence my migraines.
* agarrar por el cuello = collar.
* agarrarse = clutch.
* agarrarse a = latch on to ; hold to ; hold on to ; hold fast to ; cling to.
* agarrarse a Algo como si + Pronombre + la vida en ello = hold on for + dear life.
* agarrarse a un clavo ardiendo = catch at + straws ; grasp at + straws ; clutch at + straws.
* agarrarse desesperadamente = hang on for + dear life ; cling on for + dear life.
* agarrarse fuerte(mente) = hang (on) + tight ; hold (on) + tight.
* agarrarse los machos = batten down + the hatches.
* agarrarse un pedo = get + drunk ; tie one on ; get + pissed ; get + plastered ; get + sloshed ; get + smashed ; get + bevvied.
* agarrar una pájara = hit + the wall ; bonk ; hit + the bonk.
* agarrar un resfriado de muerte = catch + Posesivo + death (of cold).
* no tener donde agarrarse = not have a leg to stand on.
(v.) = clutch.
Ex: Many administrators are afraid to delegate authority; they clutch it tenaciously.

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