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oppress, burden, load; grind down
be burdened


(adj.) = oppressed ; harassed ; under the cosh ; stressed ; harried ; beleaguered ; overburdened.
Ex: The architectural styles of some library buildings make the new user feel oppressed, rather than welcome and at ease.
Ex: This article offers 3 remedies for harassed acquisitions librarians in the areas of booksellers, money and technology.
Ex: Motorists are under the cosh, feel taxed to the hilt and face record prices at the pumps .
Ex: Australia is 'in a different league' to most stressed world economies because of the stability of its banks and China's hunger for its exports.
Ex: But working mothers' lives are much more harried than the average American's.
Ex: The prospect of cost savings for beleaguered university budgets have revitalized in resource sharing.
Ex: The net result is a heavily overburdened cross-reference structure.
* agobiado de trabajo = up to + Posesivo + eyeballs in work.
* agobiado por las preocupaciones = careworn.
* agobiado por problemas = beset with + problems.
* estar agobiado de = be snowed under with.
* estar muy agobiado = be in a fret.
(v.) = haunt ; weigh down ; harry ; stress ; overburden ; sledge ; oppress.
Ex: Some authors, of course, object to their work being subjected to compulsory dissection for exams in the traditional deadly manner and like Bernard Shaw, they swear to haunt anyone who so mistreats them (Shaw's ghost must be busy these days).
Ex: The passages describing the environment, though lushly written, are inclined to weigh down the narrative thrust of the novel.
Ex: They stayed there for the winter, and spent the succeeding three summers harrying the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, after which they returned to Norway.
Ex: The animals are captured for only a few minutes, to avoid stressing them too much.
Ex: Our prison system is greatly overburdened by non-violent drug offenders.
Ex: The batsman were sledged beyond words, harassed and were pressured into making mistakes.
Ex: Christians, Jews, and Muslims show rare case of unity by oppressing gays and lesbians.
* agobiarse = fret ; stew ; stress + Nombre + out ; get + stressed.
* agobiarse de calor = swelter.
* agobiarse por = fret about.
* no agobiarse = take + Posesivo + time.

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