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endurance, stamina; guts, determination
endure, tolerate, bear; sustain, withstand


I tolerated

(n.) = endurance ; stamina ; staying power ; bearance.
Ex: By some extra stamina or heritage of endurance they contrived to exist by becoming peddlers.
Ex: By some extra stamina or heritage of endurance they contrived to exist by becoming pedlars.
Ex: Nevertheless, he believes that while it will not disappear tomorrow, the jury is still out on whether Knowledge Management has staying power.
Ex: And then the cold grew intense beyond his bearance, and he reflected upon some method of escape if it were to secure him no more than exercise for warmth.
(v.) = stand up to ; bear ; withstand ; endure ; hold + fire ; put up with (it) ; hold off ; stand + the gaff ; stomach ; weather ; hold + Nombre + in ; grin and bear it ; hold back ; hold out.
Ex: However, he would prefer a binding that will stand up to being stuffed into after-hours book drops and being hauled from one library to another.
Ex: One is tempted to say that the enthusiasts for postcoordinate systems, being forced to admit reluctantly that control was necessary, couldn't bear to use the old-fashioned term 'list of subject headings'.
Ex: While the current problems associated with serial economics have driven a wedge between vendors, librarians and publishers, they should be cooperating and communicating in order to withstand the information explosion.
Ex: On the other hand people passionately devoted to a hobby or sport or their work will endure without complaint conditions which less ardent folk think outrageously insupportable.
Ex: However, in producing a bulletin one is often torn between including the scanty, undigested and possibly inaccurate details of a new proposal and holding fire until fuller information is available, and thereby missing a publication deadline.
Ex: Have reading foisted on you as a duty, a task to be put up with, from which you expect no delight, and it can appear a drab business gladly to be given up.
Ex: A dam at the Strait of Gibraltar could be constructed to limit the outflow and reverse the climate deterioration, thus holding off the next ice age.
Ex: Thus far the oil companies have stood the gaff well, considering the burden thrown on them by declining prices and mounting stocks.
Ex: Early man couldn't stomach milk, according to research.
Ex: The small publishers seem to be weathering the industry changes, and have expectations of growth.
Ex: The longer a fart is held in, the larger the proportion of inert nitrogen it contains, because the other gases tend to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine.
Ex: She wanted to tell him to mind his own business, but since she was a bit indebted to him, she just had to grin and bear it.
Ex: Police in Algeria have been holding back hundreds of anti-government demonstrators who have been trying to rally in central Algiers.
Ex: The home side's direct style continued to cause problems for the Blues' defence but they held out well.
* aguantar abusos = take + abuse.
* aguantar (bien) la bebida = hold + Posesivo + liquor ; hold + Posesivo + drink.
* aguantar caña = put up with (it).
* aguantar con gracia = suffer with + grace.
* aguantar con resignación = take it on + the chin.
* aguantar el acoso de = run + the gauntlet of.
* aguantar el aliento = hold + Posesivo + breath.
* aguantar el calor = stand + the heat ; take + the heat.
* aguantar el dolor = bear + the pain.
* aguantar el tipo = keep + a stiff upper lip ; brazen out ; put on/up + a brave face ; put on/up + a brave front.
* aguantar estoicamente = weather ; take it on + the chin.
* aguantar hasta el final = stick it out.
* aguantar insultos = take + insults.
* aguantar la presión = stand + the heat.
* aguantar la respiración = hold + Posesivo + breath.
* aguantar la risa = keep + a straight face.
* aguantar la vela = face + the music ; put up with (it).
* aguantarlo = live with it.
* aguantarlo bien = take it in + Posesivo + stride.
* aguantar mecha = stick it out ; stand + the gaff.
* aguantarse = hold + Posesivo + horses ; hold back.
* aguantar, soportar, sobrellevar, poner al mal tiempo buena cara, aguantar ve = grin and bear it.
* aguantar una broma = stand + a joke ; take + a joke.
* aguantar un golpe = take + a hit.
* aguantar vela = grin and bear it.
* aguántate = lump it.
* ¡aguántate! = tough!.
* no aguantar más = have had enough ; come to + the end of + Posesivo + tether ; be at the end of + Posesivo + tether ; be cheesed off with ; be at the end of + Posesivo + rope.
* no aguantar ver a = can't stand + sight.
* no poder aguantar a = have it in for + Nombre.
* no puedo aguantarlo = can't take it.
* no voy a aguantarlo más = not going to take it any more.
* si no aguantas el calor, sal de la cocina = if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen ; if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
* si no te gusta, te aguantas = like it or lump it ; if you don't like it you can lump it.
* tener que aguantar Algo = be stuck with ; get + stuck with.

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