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needle; hatpin, pin that holds a hat in place; pointer, hand on a clock; shaft; pine needle; spire, steeple; rib, any of the curved bones which form the rib cage; garfish, type of fish that has a long thin snout and needlelike teeth


needle , pin


(n.) = needle.
Ex: The notched cards, representing relevant documents, will drop off the needle and fall from the bulk of the pack.
* aguja de campanario = steeple.
* aguja de croché = crochet hook ; crochet needle.
* aguja de ganchillo = crochet hook ; crochet needle.
* aguja de hacer croché = crochet hook ; crochet needle.
* aguja de hacer ganchillo = crochet hook ; crochet needle.
* aguja de hacer punto = knitting needle.
* aguja de jareta = bodkin.
* aguja de pino = pine needle.
* aguja de tejer = knitting needle.
* aguja para coser cuadernillos = stabbing needle.
* carne de aguja = chuck.
* carne de aguja de ternera = chuck beef.
* clavija de 24 agujas = 24-pin plug.
* como una aguja en un pajar = like a needle in a haystack.
* encaje de aguja a mano = needlepoint lace.
* filete de aguja de ternera = chuck steak.
* impresora de agujas = dot matrix printer.
* inserción de aguja = needling.
* insertar aguja = needle.
* insertar aguja en un paquete de fichas = needling the pack.
* sin aguja = needleless.
* zapatos de tacón de aguja = stilettos.
(n.) = pickup stylus.
Nota: De tocadiscos.
Ex: Apart from the data pits, a second set of pits is used to guide the pick-up stylus, or head.
(n.) = hand.
Nota: De los relojes.
Ex: Students first practiced counting by 1s and 5s around a clock with no hands before being introduced to the differing functions of the second, minute and hour hands.
* aguja de las horas = hour hand.
* aguja de los minutos = minute hand.
* en el sentido de las agujas del reloj = clockwise ; in a clockwise direction.
* en sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj = counterclockwise ; anti-clockwise ; in a counterclockwise direction.
(n.) = garfish.
Ex: A solution of chloride was added to samples of bream, garfish, pike and redfish fillets.

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