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hole, perforation; leak; bore




(n.) = eyelet hole ; hole ; perforation ; hole punch ; puncture ; puncture hole ; eyelet.
Ex: These machines were similar in principle to the desk punches used today for making eyelet holes in paper.
Ex: Edge notch cards have a series of holes around the perimeter, and the piece of card between the hole and the edge of the card may be removed, using a punch, to form a notch.
Ex: The top edge of the stencil is then attached to the cylinder of the duplicating machine using the slots or perforations provided.
Ex: Theft is probably unavoidable, but can be limited through use of magnetic security tags and by slightly defacing covers with hole punches or library stamps.
Ex: Treatment of the paper items included varnish removal; washing; and repairs to tears, punctures and missing areas.
Ex: He even has found a fish's stomach with puncture holes caused by eating a catfish, and the fish was still none the worse for wear.
Ex: When you think of how aglets help you thread shoelaces through the eyelets in your shoes, what you've just said makes perfect sense!.
* agujero de hombre = manhole.
* agujero de la cerradura = keyhole.
* agujero equivocado, el = wrong hole, the.
* agujero negro = black hole.
* colocar un trozo de maceta sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* colocar un trozo de tiesto sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* hacer un agujero = punch + a hole ; cut + hole ; drill out + hole.
* hacer un agüjero en el bolsillo = burn + a hole in + Posesivo + pocket.
* otro agujero, el = wrong hole, the.
* perforar un agujero = drill out + hole.
* retrete de agujero en el suelo = squat toilet ; squatty potty ; squat loo.
* tener más agujeros que un colador = leak like + a sieve.

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